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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Walk with the Dogs, a Glass of Wine, Relax ...

When I am stressed, or simply grumpy, I find that it helps to take some time out with the dogs/cats/chickens.  A lovely glass of wine helps  or, failing that, a good cup of tea.

So, now I am calm and composed once more, please do accept my apologies for the earlier post.

Aged Aunt can't help it.  She is what she is.  

The drive home was quite nice, the sun shone a little and really highlighted the copper, orange and ochre of the leaves.  Some colours were amazingly beautiful.  

For once we came home on the main A16 road, we didn't turn off until Burwell. One of the delights of turning off there is that we pass the remains of a huge, old walled garden.

The 'big house' was demolished in the 1950's/60's although it must have been quite something, if the walled garden is anything to go by.
It is huge.  The wall nearest us is about five feet high, the one at the back is even bigger.  

We were very excited when we first came across the garden ruins, and thought that it must be the remains of a Victorian kitchen garden, but we have been told since then that the garden is believed to have been established by Benedictine Monks long before then!  I love the idea of monks growing food there, long ago.

Burwell is said to have some pretty exciting Roman archaeology too.  I will try to question the local historian a bit more about the Roman side of things and I'll let you know what I find out.


  1. For me, the best stress reliever is a walk with the dogs, followed by some time spent with our ducks and chickens. Cat-in-lap therapy is also excellent. :)

    You have some lovely dogs and kitties, I see. Toby looks like a wonderful old man and Bennie has gorgeous eyes!

  2. Thanks Knatolee! They are all 'rejects' and 'rescues' and I can't begin to tell you how much I love them!

  3. That's very interesting to know! I too drive that way and love that walled garden. I love the tumbled down remnants of the house you can still see. Fascinating that Monks lived there!

  4. Isn't it fascinating! I hope to get some more information out of Joan next time I see her.

  5. tea and coffee during the day
    large glass of pinot after EVERYTHING is done!

  6. so that's where I have been going wrong John!

  7. I'd be interested to see what you dig up there PTL. (Not literally I hasten to add)

  8. Hi Chris, I promise I will let you know if I manage to find out anything! I would also love to do some real digging but I'll have to settle for local archives and local knowledge. Shame really.

  9. Hi Chris - Just found the lovely old wall garden, and walked the dogs along bridel path/footpaths I found near by. Burwell Church is so peaceful - despite the road near by. Yet once up the lane and you are back in time, no traffic sound .

    1. Hello Sally, Burwell - blink and you could miss it - and yet it has so many interesting features, like the walled garden - whenever we go that way I imagine it filled with vegetables, fruit, and gardeners! It must have been quite something when it was in use. Did you ever watch 'The Victorian Kitchen Garden' series from many years ago, with Harry Dodson? He recreated a kitchen garden and explained how things were done and how it would have been run. Fascinating stuff!


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