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Friday, 11 November 2011

Have a Hoot!

The Owl Wood   is currently the subject of an investigation.  Can the owls be trusted?
My very witty younger brother has written about the wood and some strange goings on...


  1. Interesting blog from your Bro...

    Does every member of your family have a blog?lol

    (as an aside, thanks for posting as I've been meaning to make an owl box for the plot. I'll ask him about dimensions...) :-)

  2. Chris: Only the crazy ones! The owl box was provided by the 'Owl people' who come and do the ringing and the survey. I may have a card somewhere, but perhaps there is a group within your local area who could assist. Otherwise I'm sure Ian would be happy to get up the ladders with a tape measure!

  3. I wonder if there are any Owl people round here because I would love an owl box. I was hoping a family might move into my son's abandoned tree house but no such luck.

  4. So they're all crazy then?

    Hmmm. Climbing up ladders in November precariously balancing with a tape measure...

    I accept no responsibility!! I'll guesstimate...

  5. Chris,

    We are absolutely barking!

    With regards to the owl box dimensions, it does depend what size owl you want to attract.

    Try: it shows some really interesting designs, with rough dimensions.

  6. Chris, when you come to start to build your owl box it's best to lay your largest owl down on the sheet of marine-ply and then draw around it with a ruler and a pencil. You have to be quick, otherwise they start to fidget.

  7. Owl Wood - I'll shoot one then and trace around it. Maybe stuff it too and put it in the finished box.

    Job done. Thanks :-)

    PTL - Utterly insane. Do you have power of attorney?

  8. Chris, I told you I was the sensible one of the family (some say boring - but they're just unkind).

    Good luck with the owls. The boxes are very basic, not very des res, no need for really good architecture or design.

    Absolutely worth the effort though. When the three little owlets fledged they sat around in the wood for a few days (good job we didn't have cats then) while they learned a few skills from their parents.

    It was really easy to sneak up and watch them. I began to feel like a peeping tom!


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