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Monday, 21 November 2011

When One is Not Enough ...

After the  initial binge, which lasted three days, my desire to read was sated and I found myself wanting something more satisfying.

I had broken a toe.  One small toe.  The amount of pain and disruption it caused was out of all proportion.  Ridiculous, but true.  I had to keep the foot elevated, ice packs, etc.  a complete nuisance.

Now, boredom is not something I normally suffer from as life around here is hectic (a lot of it spent outdoors)  but reading, much as I love it, was just not enough to keep me occupied.

So I took up some long abandoned craft work and found myself really enjoying it.  I fear I am revealing too much of my personality-type here, but once I had completed one project I had to continue, I was unstoppable.

After three and a half weeks - I was finally able to get a very capacious sandal on my still sore foot, which was wonderful.  I began to play rather less with the craft work, just finishing off bits and pieces.

When I took stock of what I had made during my enforced incarceration I found that I had made:

30 vintage lace lavender sachets
1 gingham dolly bag
2 organza dolly bags
6 fabric origami bags
4 hamsters dressed in 60's/70's style clothing
15 heart shaped pomanders
9 mouse-shaped pincushions
2 pin wheels
24 organza flower brooches
10 dog-shaped fabric brooches
56 fabric birds...

Luckily I was able to take a last minute stall at a small craft fair, which was held in a tiny local church this weekend - so, much of this lot has now been re-homed - much to George's relief.


  1. There's a medical term for not being able to stop doing things like that, it's some sort of compulsion. I'm going to have to go and look it up now and then check on the Latin translation and the incidence statistics relating to various age groups in England cross-checked against fiscal, social and geographic profiles. Once I've done that I think I ought to write at least two dozen sentences using the term in its correct context and then... Maybe three dozen just to be safe, with my medical terms pen and my fingers crossed just so... and...

    Have you tried alcohol?

  2. I tried it once. It was quite nice. Have you?

    I also tried scrubbing the floor, I was able to stop at just the one tile - my compulsion doesn't extend to real work either!!

  3. I adore the little birds... any left? They'd make lovely christmas decorations...

  4. Wow, amazing!! I love your handiwork.

    And I can see where your prolific limerick output comes from too. :)

  5. Knatolee, I told you I thought I was revealing a little too much of my psyche! Guilty as charged!

  6. Dom, Thank you! They are quite fun, and yes, I do have some left.


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