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Tuesday, 8 November 2011


We drove down to Horncastle today, then took a bit of a loop to get back home so that we could visit a workshop to buy a chisel.  Thrilling, eh?  

About seven or eight years ago I bought George a lovely set of woodcarving chisels as he really wanted to 'have a go'.  The chisels have remained in their box, still with their protective plastic coat on the tips.  

Last week he did some carving and found himself enjoying it, but he discovered that he needed a particular chisel, with a smaller cutting edge. So we visited the workshop where they were made. 

It was a real delight to think that this workshop, hidden in darkest Lincolnshire, is manufacturing them and selling them worldwide.  Even more delightful is that the company supports three generations of the same family!  Cue one very boring photo...

Driving home from the workshop we passed Revesby Country Estate and were thrilled to see a large herd of deer very close to the road.  Now I am not au fait with deer breeds, but I think they may have been Fallow deer.  Whatever the breed they were so beautiful.  There must have been at least a hundred of them, males and females.

Unfortunately I had forgotten my camera but George took some pics with his mobile phone.  The results are not spectacular, but I think you will get the idea. 

Just a quick post today as we have to take Pip to the vet's tomorrow.  We have dithered around for weeks, but the time is right.   Tonight she deserves full pampering. x


  1. Phwoar!! They're lovely. Chisels! Now we're talking...

  2. Chris: My husband will probably spend all day in his shed tomorrow - playing with them.

  3. Deer! I love deer and that looks like a really large herd under those trees. What a lovely sight :)

  4. Hi Nilhuanwen, It was an incredible sight! It was a really large herd and, despite how it looks on the photographs, we were really close. Beautiful animals. Memorable sight.


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