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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Owl Wood Nursery

Our little Owl Wood is home to lots of birds, but the most exciting of them all were delivered by the stork, two years ago.  Triplets.  Three Tawny Owlets.
The handling was done by specially trained 'Ringers' when they came to check out the box.  They have all been doing it for years, but they were as delighted as we were to see the young.  This is when they were very young.

Then a few weeks later they turned into these beauties, almost ready to fledge.  All three survived, although we don't know what happened to them once they left.

Unfortunately the owl box has been inhabited since then by squirrels, then earlier this year it was home to some very noisy jackdaws.

We still hear a pair of Tawny Owls hunting at night, so who knows, perhaps one day we will have another surprise delivery.

The Owl Wood still has three official residents - Billie-the-Beak, Little Red Hen and Sick-Chick.  Our hens.  They roam free and have a fabulous time just enjoying doing chicken things.  

They are rescue hens (ex battery) and spent the first year of their life in horrible conditions - we had to gradually introduce them to the world outside their official compound, first the gardens, then the wood.  
This one is Billie-the-Beak - she came with a criss-crossed beak, but she feeds well enough.


  1. What beautiful looking owls. There is a children's book called Owl Moon written by Jane Yolen about a child who goes owling at night with her dad. Your lovely post reminds me of the book. Really enjoyed my visit today.

  2. The owls are beautiful! It must be wonderful when you can hear them. I love sound of owls hooting and don't hear it very often.

  3. Thank you! I had forgotten just how beautiful they were until I came across their photographs again.

    Susan - I shall watch out for the Owl Moon book, it sounds fun! Glad you enjoyed the post.

    Nilhuanwen - We are so fortunate around here - we have the Tawny Owls around and about, but we have also got a magnificent Barn Owl who patrols the boundaries of the field. On one memorable, heart-stopping visit he turned his head and looked at me as he drew level - just a brief contact, but it was so exciting.

  4. Oh my, the owls are breathtaking! We have Great Horned owls in our woodlot, but I've only ever heard them and seen the remains of their supper, not seen them.

    It's wonderful you rescue battery hens. They must think they have died and gone to heaven out in the woods. :)

  5. Hi Knatolee - we were so fortunate that year, and by coincidence the ringers came on my grandson's birthday to check the owl box, so lots of our friends got to see them too. It was sheer magic for both children and adults!

  6. What wonderful owl photos -- what a cool experience. Love owls -- favorite is the common barn owl -- best book I've read on owls, "Wesley the Owl."

  7. Hi Janet, Thanks for stopping by and thanks for telling me about 'Wesley the Owl', I've just ordered a copy based on your recommendation. Looking forward to reading it!


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