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Monday, 14 November 2011

The Eyes Have It

I became aware that there were many watching eyes, as Sparky, Toby and I took our morning walk in the Owl Wood. 

 Well, I walked, Toby trotted, and Sparky tore up and down trees.  

She's not easy to see, but Sparky is up near the top.
Then she came down, and ran up another one, on and on, around the wood.
Toby made out that he was a truffle pig as he snuffled and poked around the place, occasionally breaking out into a trot when Sparky ran close to him.

As we made our slow way round I was looking at the colours, enjoying the time to really look at the trees and I became aware of many eyes looking at us...

They are kindly, benevolent tree 'eyes'

and once you start to look for them, they are all around.

Then, just to give a bit of balance I took a shot of a very pretty tree dressed with a few remaining leaves

Just have a look next time you are in a wood.  You may be surprised - especially once you 'get your eye in'!!


  1. Sparky's so funny, I can just imagine her running up and down the trees!

    BTW I don't know what's happening but I seem to be following you one minute and then I'm not. Totally beyond my control.

  2. Hello LBM, Sparky is a real card - I'm sure she thinks she is part dog, part tree monkey!

    As far as being visible as 'following' - well that has been playing games for weeks; sometimes I have no-one visible!

    I just assumed that the system was overloaded and creaking at the seams...

  3. Wow. Some of those tree eyes are downright spooky! Glad you had Sparky along for protection.

  4. Your imagination is quite wonderful
    I will look at a few trees rather differently tomorrow

  5. I'd never thought of the knots in tree trunks as eyes before; what a wonderful idea! Something to keep in mind next time I am out in the forest with my camera.

  6. I don't know if they are frightening or welcoming but there is definitely something ancient and magical about those tree eyes. Absolutely wonderful

  7. Mitch: She'd make a pretty good attack-cat. She certainly keeps her body fit, and her claws sharp!

    John: Don't worry, I'm pretty harmless really!!

    Nilhuanwen: I'd love to see your photographs of them because I am sure you'll find lots of them around.

    Viking: They are lovely - I didn't have to do anything to give them that lovely blue-grey colour, that was down to the magic of good old Mother Nature!

    The wood is wonderful during the daylight hours but it becomes the Witches Wood when night falls.

    I have to walk past it on my way home from village 'do's', usually on my own, in the dark. Even though I know the wood very well, imagination takes over then and it becomes very scary.

    That's the down side of an active imagination!

  8. I will never take a pee behind a tree again!

  9. Chris: I bet you will - but at least now you know they'll be watching you!!

  10. Those tree eyes are interesting and mystical!

  11. Hello Quay Po, Welcome! I am so pleased that you have enjoyed seeing the tree eyes. I agree that there is something mystical about them.


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