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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Did You Know That...? and Have You Seen...?

I'm afraid that someone has stolen another day away from me, so I haven't got time to do the post I had intended.

However, just for fun I thought I would tell you about some of the more interesting jobs I have had, in between and around bringing up my children.

  1. I worked for a Japanese Oil Company.  On any occasion when a mistake was made we had to go and bow to the person it affected, and then apologise!
  2. I was PA to an Aerospace Projects Manager at Schlumberger and occasionally worked away from the office at air shows, exhibitions and the like.
  3. I worked for a military helicopter 'salesman' in Abu Dhabi.  I always had the feeling that there were 'hidden' deals going on there.
  4. I was secretary at a private Radiology Clinic in Dubai, very few of the patients spoke English and I only had basic Arabic.  It made for some very interesting situations.
  5. I worked at a 'Clap Clinic' as secretary.  That was a brilliant job - off-duty NHS staff know how to have a good party.

To round off, here is a selection of the really bad hairdo's I have had over the years.

I am booked to have my hair cut next week.  Eeek.  The trauma.  Will it be a good cut, will she be gentle and do as I ask, or will I have to wear a paper bag over my head for a couple of weeks until it grows.  Looking at these photos the evidence is there before my eyes... I should have worn the bag more often.

Ooops.  How did that last one get in there?  

It is Owl Wood himself.  Yes, he was a baby too!  Amazing!  He wasn't always smiling either!!


  1. I'm loving your list of jobs and hair-doo's I'm thinking it would be great to match the doo's with the jobs.

    Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog by the way

  2. Viking: That's a good idea! Okay photograph 1 relates to the time when I was working for the helicopter company in Abu Dhabi. We were home on leave, visiting Scotland, and freezing in the unaccustomed cold summer weather.

    Photograph 2 was taken just as we were about to leave the UAE for good, so I would have just finished working at the Radiology Clinic.

    No 3. was when I worked for the 'Clap Clinic' which was about 15 years ago!

  3. bloody hell

    my job history looks like a short stint in a cardboard factory compared to yours!

  4. What an interesting resume. How lucky you were to live outside your country for awhile. I have a few hair do's that I would like to forget myself.LOL

  5. John: I don't believe you for an instant; wherever you go fun and games are sure to follow!

    I hope Mabel has recovered her composure.

  6. From Beyond My Kitchen Window: The hair do's were truly terrible! Those were the only ones I was brave enough to post... The 80's desire for shoulder pads and huge hair seems so funny now but at the time we felt we were the bees knees!

  7. You went from Bonnie Tyler to Sheena Easton wi' nought but a pair of scissors!

    Thanks for the photo opp - my angelic, square-faced, all-in-one jump suit, wet nappy period (between ten and ten thirty a.m. ish).

    I however, have gone from once being mistaken for Billy-Ray Cyrus to being asked for autographs as Father Jack...

  8. I love the photos. What a cutie (Bonnie Tyler to Sheena Easton and before). Wish I still had hair to style ... even badly.

    I love the list of jobs. Here in Spain, I have been awe-struck by the rhythmic, musical, percussive clapping that goes on at concerts, circuses, and spontaneously in fun. I thought perhaps it was some kind of cultural-genetic characteristic. To think England actually has clinics for it!

  9. Ian: You are too kind! As you are the keeper of the family archive I am crossing my fingers that you don't turn all mean and wreak revenge.

    I chose that photo of you because I remember being there when it was taken and I think you look adorable. My goodness though, looking at both our photos doesn't it just show how Mum liked her babies to be 'bonnie', a kinder word than fat, but that is what we were!

  10. Mitch: I have just spent an awful day, so to get home and find your comment was just wonderful.

    Your take on clap clinics was just priceless and had me laughing despite the tiredness. Thank you so much!

    PS You don't need more hair, you look great as you are.

  11. Elaine:
    I'm glad and grateful if I made a difference (for the good) in your day. You sure make a difference in mine.

    As for clap clinics, I don't understand. Was I funny in some way? Do they not really teach you to clap? Here I was thinking I might enroll.

    Actually, you have inspired me to do another embarrassing (for Jerry) post. Coming soon. Thanks!

    Hope the evening makes up for the day.

  12. loved the hairdo's! I should do different glasses ! I always tell my kids, "they really were in style then!!!"

  13. Mitch: Thank you so much for your kindness. I revived a bit after a pot of tea and a rest.

    I hope Jerry won't be too embarrassed. Of course I shall be watching out - eagerly!

  14. Hello Linda, Oh I do so hope you do that post on glasses, I think it is a brilliant idea and I'd really love to see it. Thick frames, thin frames, large ones, small ones, round ones, cat's eye shapes, fancy ones, plastic ones...

  15. I too have been through many appalling haircuts that I thought looked great at the time!

    You've really had a fascinating array of jobs!

  16. Hi Natalie, There were some interesting jobs for sure. We moved around quite a lot for George's work, which is why there have been so many. I'm not really such a flibbertigibbet.

    Haircuts which were fashionable at the time look so weird thirty years later!


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