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Thursday, 15 August 2013


Ming Ming and Jonny returned to Shanghai last week - how quickly those three weeks flew by.
The place seems very quiet without them.

Xitang - February, 2013

I often ask Jonathan to let me have some photographs - my requests fall on deaf ears.   
 Ming Ming, however, willingly shared her photographs with me.   
Thanks, Ming Ming.

I really like the look of this ancient water city, Xitang,
which is located near Shanghai.

I love the peace and tranquillity of this scene
 although I bet the reality was a bit whiffy and rather more noisy.

With so many lanterns, and such a lot of  red around
 it has the air of a festival of some sort.
As night falls it looks magical with the lanterns reflecting in the water.     

Lanterns everywhere.

See the tree growing through the roof of the porch?

The spirits of former inhabitants is said to come
back to reside in the grass growing on the roofs.

Back on shore all is hustle and bustle.

Xitang is an ancient water town dating back to around 700 BC.
It is built at the point where nine rivers converge
and is famous for the covered walkways, lanes
and beautiful bridges which
span the rivers.


  1. I like the thought of old souls living in the grasses overhead.

  2. Wonderful photos. I love the lanterns . . .

  3. What an interesting place Xitang looks.
    I have two friends living in Shangai. both teachers at the international English school.
    I would one day love to visit.. but its quite expensive...
    They live a really great life there.
    Glad ming ming sent some photos to you.
    I am sure you miss them Elaine.
    Always sad , when our children leave.
    sending good wishes for a happy weekend.
    val x x

  4. Stunning photos with so much mystery seen in them. Very nice post, my dear friend!

  5. What a nice tour of an enchanting place. Thanks to you and Ming Ming for sharing the wonderful photos with us!

  6. What a fascinating place, I never knew there was anywhere like this in China... although it is such a huge country I am sure it has something for everyone.

  7. What a beautiful setting and the lore that surrounds it. I know you miss them, but the photos brings closer, XOXO

  8. The Chinese restaurant in our neighborhood runs a looping animated video and part of it looks exactly like that third photo! The real thing is amazing. Great pictures.

  9. A far cry from your neck of woods (Owl Wood, that is) Elaine.

    What beautiful photographs. Venice, Chinese style.


  10. Beautiful photos, Elaine. Sue

  11. Wow, I really love these photos. What a different part of the world!

  12. Hello Elaine

    Thoroughly enjoyed this tour of Xitang. Great photos and it looks much more like China to me. Do you think you'll go and visit Ming Ming and Jonny?

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  13. The photos are stunning. Oddly enough, they made me feel hungry! I bet amongst all those lovely old houses there are some brilliant places to eat. Rather than enjoy lunch, I have to tear myself away from your blog and dig my truck out of the hole in the driveway my loving dog dug last night and I drove into. Charlie isn't a dog, he's a giant golden mole!

    I really hope your brother continues to improve.

    Sir Owl posted a gloating post about the Apple Crumble you made him. I have been slavering like a Nile crocodile ever since! Here in Africa I don't watch the Great British Bake Off. Why torture myself? And there I was thinking the internet was safe and I come across a photo of your Apple Crumble... I definitely would not crawl over a plate of your dessert, not even to get to Kylie Minogue.

  14. Hello All, Thank you for your comments - and well done Ming Ming for those lovely photos! My brother, Steven, has some really bad days, but luckily he also has good ones too. Toby Too's training is continuing and he is gradually building a relationship with the cats. Sparky and Toby often meet nose to nose and simply ignore one another, Bennie now holds her position and hisses at him - they both come inside the house now - the cold and wet weather helped them make that decision!

    I am struggling to find the enthusiasm to blog at the moment; I have taken refuge in painting, crafting, baking etc.

    Hippo - despite the apple crumble (which was sublime) I am no great shakes at baking or cooking, I just have occasional triumphs. It also helps that I happened to drop by with apple crumble when Owl was hungry and cook was having a day off... A mole has broken through our defences and into the veg garden, so glad it isn't Charlie's brother!

  15. Just stopping by to say hello, Elaine. Hope your brother continues to improve, your grandchildren remain a delight and you saved your garden from the mole. After our initial fusillade we let them along and we're pretty sure Laura's research is right. The moles only eat worms and grubs. And, how are Arnold and old Farmer John?

    All the best--Joanne

  16. These photos of Ming Ming and Jonny's Chinese home city are lovely! The light against the greyness of water and surroundings and sky is brilliant!

  17. You made me think of a photo opportunity I just missed. :-(

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