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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

This is One of My Least Favourite Churches - Plus: Notes from Home

This church is in a beautiful setting, has lovely old gates, a fabulous (but overgrown) graveyard, and appears to be a beautiful building.

Why would it be anyone's least favourite church?  It has so much going for it... 

I will make a full posting about this really interesting church in a couple of days.  I took lots of photographs today, I just need to go through them carefully.  I promise you it will be worth the wait.



We spent most of today visiting the Aged A.  We had to be there to translate on behalf of the solicitor, so we also took the opportunity to sort out her heating problems, visit the old house, do her shopping, buy her a new toaster (there is nothing wrong with the old one, but it is chrome faced and she thought she might get electrocuted), check on the home help, we made her some food and gave her some company.

She is doing reasonably well at the moment.  She doesn't eat properly, keeps messing about with the heating, throws out bills and any mail which she feels she can't cope with ... pretty much as she was when you left!!

Our reward to ourselves was to visit the church I mentioned.  I've been there before, but I really wanted your Dad's input on it.  I deliberately didn't tell him very much about it, or how it makes me feel. It was really interesting to get his thoughts and feelings.

Toby is still missing Pip.  He sometimes gets up in the middle of the night to check to see if he can find her.  Not surprising after virtually his whole life has been spent with her.  She may have bossed him - but I suppose he needed it at times and he feels the lack of it now.

I have a feeling that the cats will soon fill that void, given half a chance.

Your Dad sends his love.
Lots of love,



  1. where is it...?... I'm so sorry about Pip... it saddens me to think of Toby missing her... You can imagine how i'm projecting your loss onto our future without Holly and it breaks my heart... sending you much love xxx

  2. now for a photo of your MOST favourite church?

  3. Hi Dom,

    The church is just off the A16 at Waithe, not far from Holton-Le-Clay.

    Thanks for your kind words about Pip.

    Love to you both,


  4. Hi John,

    I would probably be unable to post a photo of my favourite church, I keep changing my mind.

    Now that may make me sound completely indecisive, but really it is just that we have so many, varied buildings to choose from! Honest!



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