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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Food Bloggers Unplugged - Revealing the Awful Truth about My Cooking

Lovely Dom at Belleau Kitchen has nominated me to take part in Food Bloggers Unplugged which originated from A little bit of heaven on a plate .  The idea is to answer some questions to give you, the reader, some insight into who I am and what I am about... 

1. What, or who inspired you to start a blog?
When my younger son Jonny moved to China, a few months ago, I decided to start a blog so that he could keep up with all of the happenings at home.  After the first few posts I was hooked.

2. Who is your foodie inspiration?
Nigel Slater.

3.  Your greasiest, batter - splattered food/drink book is?
A wonderful, handwritten recipe book which my mother began when we lived in Hong Kong.  It has red velvet covers, is battered and worn, and I love it.

4. Tell us all about the best thing you have ever eaten in another country, where was it, what was it?
My mother's lemon meringue pie!  When I was a child we lived in Hong Kong, way back in the 1960's.   My mother used to make wonderful food, but her lemon meringue pie was sublime.  For some reason I only remember her making it in Hong Kong, not when we returned to UK.

5.  Another food bloggers table you'd like to eat at is?
Without any doubt that would be Dom from Belleau Kitchen 

6.  What is the one kitchen gadget you would ask Santa for this year (money no object of course)?
Sorry, I know this is a cheat - but I would like Santa to bring me a cook.

7.  Who Taught you how to cook?
My mother was a brilliant cook and taught me a lot.  The one other person whose teaching I frequently recall, was a very feisty spinster who taught Domestic Science at The Nicolson Institute in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.  She was a dragon with a heart of gold. I often 'hear' her voice asking me whether I am cooking soup, or that wooden spoon which I had left in the saucepan!

8.  I'm coming to you for dinner what is your signature dish?
On a bad day, when my solid fuel Rayburn is feeling sulky that would be a takeaway - on a good day (for both me and the Rayburn) it would obviously be something ambrosial, but for starters it would be spinach soup.  I make amazing spinach soup!!  It all falls apart after that - hence my need for Santa to bring me a cook.

9.  What is your guilty food pleasure?
Without a doubt that would be picking the crust off a freshly baked loaf of bread, leaving the bread exposed.  I frequently have to 'tidy' a loaf afterwards!

10.  Reveal something about yourself that others would be surprised to learn?
I grew up 'seeing' names in colour.  I couldn't believe that other people didn't, my parents found it difficult to believe that I did!  This is a well documented phenomena called synesthesia, although I knew nothing of that when I was younger!

Finally ...tag 5 other food bloggers with these questions ... like a hot baked potato...pass it on!

I would like to nominate:

Shu Han @ Mummy I can Cook
Ian@the owl wood
Quay Po@ Quay Po Cooks
Ronna@ Ronna's Blog
Mary@ Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes


  1. Very interesting ! So I guess I need to extend an invite to you and George for dinner soon huh? I'm seeing a veggie feast coming on!

  2. Hi Dom, That is very sweet of you - but really I was just trying to plug your blog as much as possible (not that you need my help!).

    It was great fun catching up with you and Andy last night. Great cake! x

  3. Thanks for taking part...oh to own a family heirloom that's full of old recipes...that is something to treasure forever.
    I love Toby...what a face with that adorable grey muzzle. x

  4. Hi Susan, It was a real pleasure! I love that old recipe book very much, I am also lucky enough to have a handwritten recipe book from Victorian days. I don't know who wrote it, but it is wonderful - so if you like that kind of thing too, you may like to know that I occasionally feature recipes from it in my blog.

  5. thanks for tagging me, this will be so much fun! i'll do it sometime next week definitely! haha i also pick crust off bread ;)

  6. omg and you have synesthesia? i've read about it and was so fascinated!

  7. Thanks Elaine! I will answer these questions...very a few days and post them. And now I'm a follower of your blog too! Cheers.

  8. Oh sometimes I'd like a cook too. I love Hong Kong, it must have been amazing to be there in the '60s. Every time I go now there is so much new building that it is barely recognisable from one trip to the next. GG

  9. Elaine, thanks for thinking of me for this survey and share a little more about yourself with us. May I ask what color you see in my name, "Veronica and Quay Po"? I will do the survey soon and will keep you posted. HUGZ!!

  10. Hi Shu Han, Thanks for joining in, I am sure you will have great fun completing the survey!

  11. Hi Ronna, I am so pleased that you are happy to join in with the survey. I hope the exhibition went well for you all and I look forward to learning a little more about you!

  12. Hello GG, Thank you for stopping by, it's very nice to meet you! Hong Kong in the '60s was wonderful, but then I saw it through the eyes of a child. I well remember the beauty of The Peak, going up there on the tram - the fabulous Big Wave Bay, Sheck O Beach, trips across the harbour, on the ferry, to the Mainland and thrilling trips to what were then called the New Territories. Phew - sorry about that, I got caught up in a trip down memory lane!!

  13. Hello Veronica, I am delighted that you are happy to join in the survey! It is great fun reading other people's answers.

    When I was younger I always saw names in colour (I thought everyone did) over the years it has faded away, although I still have the 'echoes' of it.

    From memory (I used to have a friend called Veronica) I can tell you that your name (for me) was always a beautiful dark blue, with some violet in it, if you can visualise that!

    Quay Po - is a bit more difficult, so I can only base it on my first reaction and that was that Quay is a rich cream colour, Po is green!!

  14. Elaine, I love your cooking!


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