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Friday, 11 November 2011


This beautiful rose is in bloom in a garden in Cleethorpes - photographed yesterday.  

We took a slight detour on our way home from visiting the Aged Aunt - it always helps to clear some of the nonsense away from our heads if we visit somewhere interesting or beautiful.  We elected to visit Belleau Church.

The graveyard is fabulous - if you like that kind of thing.  I do, obviously.
Sorry about the poor quality of this photo - we were so late getting away from Aged A that the light was going - just to the left of the main door is this amazingly beautiful chap.  A knight with a lion at his feet.

He is about 900 years old and dates from around the times of the Crusades.  It was originally in a Cistercian Priory (long gone) in the parish of Aby with Greenfield.  We have some beautifully worked stones in our garden - I nurture dreams that they may have come from this priory!

I love old churches.  It is nothing to do with religion, I just find them beautiful places to visit and to spend time in.  

This small country church was rebuilt in 1862 - but it replaced a much earlier church dated 1307, which in turn replaced a much earlier one still!  There is a massive yew tree in the churchyard which I must have a closer look at one day - I'd love to have a rough idea of how old the tree is - given that this has been an important site for so long.

I hope you have enjoyed your whistle-stop tour of Belleau Church.



Aunty Nick has almost got her house sold, at last.  The solicitor will visit next week to get the contracts signed.  That will be a great relief for her.

Your Pa and Terry went to the Cenotaph in Louth today - 11am - 11.11.11.

We will all be going to watch them march and present the wreaths formally on Sunday. I will take photographs for you.

Lots of love,




  1. Beautiful photos - I love old churches too - that grave stone shot is wonderful xx

  2. I am so pleased you like it! It's so rare to find a graveyard that hasn't been cleaned and sanitised to please the 'Health and Safety Brigade'. The church itself is one of the most peaceful and welcoming that I have been in for a while; lovely atmosphere.

  3. Isn't the knight's effigy wonderful. I hadn't noticed him before, tucked away in the corner, behind the door. Are you going to the Christmas concert this year? x


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