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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

From a Zoo in Strawberry Fields and Surgery with a Grimsby Town Chairman!

In no particular order, here are the other jobs which I have had over my many years.  The final list of jobs.  I promise.

  1. I worked in a private zoo - I spent the mornings painting old farm carts and the afternoons were spent in the ticket office and souvenir shop.  The owner's son was my boyfriend at the time - but I am sure I got the job on merit!
  2. When I was a teenager I had a job picking strawberries.  Talk about back breaking work!
  3. I was secretary to a very old fashioned  Sir Lancelot Spratt (James Robertson Justice)  character.  He was a maxillo-facial surgeon; totally non-pc, but with a lovely old-fashioned sense of chivalry at times.  He was great fun to work for and sometimes (on a quiet Friday afternoon) he would allow me to scrub-up to watch, and occasionally 'assist',  in theatre.  It wouldn't be allowed these days!
  4. I spent a year working for an ex-chairman of Grimsby Town Football Club. I mean wow, how exciting is that?  Not very!   I have only ever attended a couple of football matches and those were when my husband and I were first courting.  As soon as I had reeled him in I gave up on pretending to like football, much to his relief!

I won't subject you to more photographs of bad hair-styles, don't worry!

I think that completes my ramble down that particular memory lane.

Was that cheering I heard?


  1. tee hee
    how OLD are you!!!!!!!!???

  2. John! A gentleman would never ask that question. However, as I'm no lady I'll answer - just don't tell anyone else - I'm 58 years old. Some days I feel much older. xx

  3. Aw, I was hoping for more photos. I've really enjoyed this stroll.

  4. Shame on you John for asking such an impertinent question.

    You're as young as the man you feel Elaine. Im 42!

    PS that must have been an awful job - eating, I mean picking all those strawberries LOL.

  5. You've been to twice the number of pro football matches as me. Gripping aren't they!

  6. Hi Mitch: Brace yourself, if the haircut next Wednesday is a disaster there could well be another photo.

  7. Hi Chris! Forty-two? Scarcely out of short pants then? ;D

    Picking strawberries was a nightmare. The 'gang masters' would come along and check the strawberry plants to make sure we had properly stripped them - anyone who had only picked the easy ones had to go back to the beginning. We only got paid a pittance per ton, well it may have been per pound weight. 'Pick your own' is much more fun!

  8. Hi Cro, Football leaves me cold - and I don't mean from being on the terraces either!

  9. Many techniques to restore facial defects were invented after the First World War it was also the period where patients increasingly decided to undergo surgery,

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  10. Hello PeerMurphy, It was indeed; although I am not quite that old.

    It is a fascinating field and I really enjoyed my three years spent working with Mr X, Consultant Maxillo-Facial Surgeon.

    I was very fortunate that he noted my genuine interest and allowed me access to theatre.

  11. You've led a very interesting life thus far. And on top of all this, you are the LIMERICK QUEEN!


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