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Monday, 7 November 2011

Drains, Doorbells, Davina, Dogs and Ducks


A few notes from home.

Despite all the fun I have been having, writing crazy duck limericks, work has continued as normal around here, although the weather has dictated what has been possible on some days.

Work has halted on the drainage work out by the fruit garden, but that should be completed in the next week - depending on the weather.  Leaves are a constant problem, gutters have to be checked frequently at the moment.

The trellis work is now complete and we are both really delighted with the way it looks.  That patio looks really settled now.  Just needs a gate, a tiny portion of wall next to the house, and then the big slab at the top of the step, we (George) has found the slab which will be used for that.

We finally have the doorbell connected!  Amazing.  Five years without one and it only took a couple of hours once the job was started.  Hopefully deliverymen and postmen will start using it.

Pip is still with us at the moment...

We found out why the Aged A's house sale hadn't progressed - she hadn't told us that she had received the forms from the solicitor (about thirty pages of questions) she'd opened the envelope, taken fright at the work involved and then put it out of sight, just hoping it would go away.

Once we found out (two weeks later) we filled in the forms, sent them off and it seems to be going ahead now for her.  We also got the plumber in to fix a small leak at the old house - a leaky valve, or something.

Davina has been told that they will probably induce the baby at around 36/38 weeks as she is showing similar signs of problems to last time.  Christmas/New Year should be interesting, one way or another.  She has invited 16 people round for Christmas Day...  Honestly, your sister!

Final note:  I managed to do my first 30 minute run this evening - the first one since I broke that toe!  It was so good to run again.

So, I hope you feel that you have caught up on the news from home now.  Don't forget to let us know how things are with you.  Have you caught up on all the paperwork yet?

Lots of love,


PS Now if I could just leave you with this:

There was a young duck in Shanghai ...


  1. I'm loving your limericks.! And the Aga!!

  2. Hi Elaine....To get my daily shot of "Pear Tree Log", I'm surfing you blog to read an older post. This one made me think of the early days here at the farm. The list of projects was endless! I hope everything is OK in your part of the world and you are taking care to rest.


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