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Monday, 28 November 2011

Hitchin' a Ride

Introducing my guest blogger - George

Our Royal Marine Commando Unit was kicked out of Singapore in 1971 and we had no base to return to in UK.  So, given 3 months leave while they decided where our new home base would be, my mate and I took the opportunity to hitch hike around Europe.  

We took the ferry from Hull to Bergen and then it was thumbs  all the way round the rest of Europe, then on to France to catch the ferry back to England.

Surprisingly we found all the people we met very, VERY hospitable, even though we had our Union flags on our rucksacks.   However, when we got to France it had the opposite effect and we struggled to get a lift...  

There is a lot more to tell about this trip, but I want to get this post approved by the censor(Elaine).  So, I'll end it there.  This photograph, which Elaine recently found up,  brings back many happy memories.

I'll bet it does, George!  


  1. I've lived in France for 40 years, and have NEVER given a hitch-hiker a lift. Not only is it considered HIGHLY dangerous, but I believe it's also illegal.

  2. George, when you say you "took" the ferry from Hull you had tickets and everything, right? I mean, you didn't just find a ferry with the ignition keys left in it...

    Mr Cro - are you honestly building an image of the French motorist as law-abiding and respectful of "authority"??? ;-)!!!

  3. Don't worry, they were quite well able to take care of themselves, Cro!

    Owl Wood, I was going to say that they didn't take it commando-style either, but that conjures up such a horrible image that I'd better not.

    This photo was taken three years before I met George. I thought Jonny would be interested in seeing how lean and lanky his Dad used to be; but then it whisked George down memory lane - so I decided to step aside and let him tell his story.

  4. oh my god George... how cool do you look!!!!

  5. Why thank you Dom. I'll pass that on to him and watch him blush! xx


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