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Friday, 25 November 2011

Should Have Listened to Gran...

Harry wasn't well enough to go to nursery today.    So, our daughter, Davina brought him over to our house at 7.30am...  

He wasn't really ill, but he just wasn't well enough to mix with other children.  

We had a wonderful morning, but by around lunch time he really wanted to go across to the fish pond with us.  

So we all pulled on wellington boots and coats, hitched up Toby and set off for the short walk across the road.
We played Pooh sticks for a while,  tried to keep quiet while watching for trout (impossible with Harry), looked at the lone swan on the larger pond, counted sheep, and then Harry could contain himself no longer... 
he made a break for it...
and ended up like this!

Should have listened to Gran!


  1. hehehe, what a cute photo of Harry! YUP! should listen to Gran.

  2. Hi Quay Po, He is adorable, but he went home refreshed and happy, leaving the two of us feeling worn out! Wouldn't swap him though.

  3. ELAINE Matalan is a chain of exclusive fashion stores usually located in retail parks in or near large cities. People from Lincolnshire are not allowed to shop there.

  4. Hi Yorkshire Pudding, Thank goodness for small mercies! ;)


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