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Saturday, 17 December 2011

You Dirty Rat

Sparky and Bennie were shown the door last night.
George had spotted a rat having a feast on some birdseed which had fallen under the old apple tree.
The girls were having a nap - we cruelly woke them, and popped them outside, near to where the rat had been and then we nipped inside and shut the door, quickly!

Eventually, as it was a cold night, we let them back inside to warm their toes and fill their tummies before settling for the night.
Grandson Harry ran across to our house today, shouting that he'd seen a dead animal...  Upon investigation it turned out to be a very large, dead rat!  Unfortunately this isn't a photo of our dead rat, I forgot to take one.
Can't take the triumph away from the girls though, whether by team work, or one working by herself (they do both) they got their target!

Fish suppers all round tonight.


  1. Well done. Dispatched with grace and taste, no doubt. A little paw dusting when they came back in. No high fives for cats.

  2. Joanne, I am so proud of them!

  3. Rats? So far the largest rodent I've seen here is a field mouse. Tiny, big-eared and they like to move in when the weather chills to the joy of my killers (cats and terriers). I'm not sure how they would react to a rat (I'm in no hurry to find out.) Your cats are gorgeous.

  4. Do send them yonder. Do you rent them out by the hour?

  5. Excellent work by the cats!

  6. Hi Janet, I am delighted that the cats are earning their keep. Since killing that rat they got another one this morning. The tabby and white cat, Bennie, caught it and then allowed Sparky to help her finish it off!

    I bet your terriers could do a good job - if the cats allowed them in on the game.

  7. Hi Dom, Our cats are quite free-ranging, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if they haven't already been across the field to Belleau!

  8. Hi Nilhuanwen, Clever little cats - especially given that the first rat was almost as big as the smaller cat, Sparky. They are earning lots of Brownie points at the moment!

  9. Great job, cats!...Nice blog and pics. Have a great week!...Greetings from Indiana...Heidi

  10. Hello and Welcome, Heidi, I am delighted that you have called by. Our cats are really working hard at the moment, as well as being great hunters they are excellent company too! Elaine


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