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Monday, 19 December 2011

If I Knew What They Looked Like...

I could have such fun.  

Alas I don't know what The Artic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Funeral for A Friend, Paul Weller, or Skint and Demoralised look like...

We live in deepest Lincolnshire, right on the edge of nowhere.  A neighbouring village has two recording studios which are used by lots of groups and singers...
It is so successful that they are building a large new accommodation block.
Shirley Bassey, Wet, Wet, Wet, and Barbara Dickson, OMD, Ocean Colour Scene, The Propellerheads, The Damned... 
have all enjoyed the facilities in this lovely, leafy part of Lincolnshire.
Sometimes what gives them away is using an entirely unsuitable vehicle for narrow, muddy, country roads.    Sometimes it is the appearance of hoodie-wearing young men who dash around as though being pursued.  Ha! They should be so lucky!

The neighbours are quiet, the village peaceful.  No shop, no pub, no school.
Just lovely Lincolnshire - and a great recording studio.


  1. I could describe Saint Burly Chassis to you - but only because I've seen her live so many times!

    Mr Pellow from Wet Wet Wet was a regular at my house in Lancashire (but only before I bought the place)... For some reason he stopped visiting when ownership changed hands.

    See you outside the studios with autograph books at the ready again tomorrow? Usual time?

  2. Hi Ian, Burly Chassis I could probably recognise - but Marty Pellow could be difficult!

    Same time, same place.

  3. I know what Shirley Bassey, Paul Weller, and the Propellerheads look like!!! And I've met a lot of damned people in my lifetime, although I don't know if I've met THE damned.

  4. Hi Mitch, I sometimes feel like the damned, but I don't think that counts either.

  5. Beautiful area you live in! And we never get that kind of excitement around here. :)

  6. Your post reminds me of a recording studio that recorded famous people back in the 70's. I grew up in a small village north of Montreal where just about the only thing happening was skiing in the winter, and swimming in the clean lakes in the summer. But some recording fellow decided to build a studio on of the lakes and soon all kinds of musicians were driving through (not necessarily stopping). We all thought it was pretty amusing.

  7. Hi Natalie, Thank you! We love it round here!

  8. Hi Jenny, Wow! Those 70's singers would be much more my era! I am completely adrift when it comes to the more modern ones.

    I love the sound of where you grew up, I would have been useless at the skiing as I have dreadful balance - but the thought of swimming in the clean lakes sounds wonderful.Does this mean you are a great swimmer/skier?

  9. That's pretty cool have a recording studio so close by! It looks like a nice place as well; I particularly like the photo of the building with the leaves covering it.

  10. Hi Nilhuanwen, It's a great place for a recording studio - I just hope the musicians remember to bring suitable footwear so they can enjoy the rural idyll! The building which you like is the old chapel which houses one of the studios.


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