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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tree Trunks and Christmas Trees

I don't sleep especially well, so quite often I get up and have a prowl around Unfortunately, the cats now seem to think I should be around every night and if they haven't seen me around by 3am then they come scratching at the bedroom door.  

Recently rescued, semi-feral,  they haven't completely got the hang of life in a house,  and the way that we humans prefer to sleep until at least 6.00am, preferably later.  They will in time.

I dolloped some food out for them and then went to stand by the Rayburn. Warm, sleepy, and cosy, not really properly awake, not quite asleep.

I got the fright of my life as a something 'ran' up my leg and down again, hundreds of red hot needles piercing my flesh.  I hollered and slapped at my legs, dislodging a cat, a black and white cat, Sparky.  She skittered off, huffy that I had spoiled her fun.  I showed her the door and gently helped her out.

Yes I do have sturdy legs.  Thank you for pointing that out.  

She obviously mistook them for tree trunks.

So,  not only am I going to abandon my lovely nighties in favour of pyjamas, thick, fleecy pyjamas at that (I wonder whether they do them with elasticated leg cuffs?)  I have also decided that we will not be having a Christmas tree this year.

All those lovingly collected baubles and decorations will have to languish in their boxes, until the cats are older.


  1. No tree here, either. We got as far as the lights and waited. Toby took a running leap, the tree swayed wildly, three screaming adults charged and Toby scooted. He hasn't approached again, deterred more by thoughts of adults screaming than swaying trees, I'm sure. However, we're not tempting him with sparkly, gently swaying balls.

  2. at least it wasnt squirrels looking for nuts!!!

  3. Hi Joanne, I reckon that would do it alright!

  4. Hi John, He would have been very disappointed! Pyjamas are definitely the way for me to go.

  5. oh just let them play for heavens sake!

  6. Hi Dom, Let me think about that for a moment... no!


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