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Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Perfect Gift for My Husband?

I have no problem whatsoever in buying Christmas gifts for female friends and family - but when it comes to buying them for men I really struggle.

What on earth can I buy for George this year?  I have tried buying book vouchers thinking that at least he'll have the fun of choosing the right books, however he still has some left from last time...

Clothing is a non-starter with him as all new clothes have to look just like the old ones and must have hung in the wardrobe for at least five years before they suddenly become acceptable...

His desire to do woodcarving a few years ago gave me the opportunity to buy him some chisels - but he has only just begun using them.

I think there is a bit of a theme going on here.  He likes to take his time to get to know his gifts.  

So, driving home after visiting my aged aunt, when I spotted a dozen large sacks by the side of the road I was thrilled.  The perfect gift - and this time, as it needs to be kept for quite a while before use it should give him time to get used to the idea of using it.

This year my main gift to George is something that he has spent a lot of time looking out for; to date he has only come across two others, and they were much smaller.  Yippee!

I put my donation into the tin and heaved the bags into the back of the car. Twelve large sacks of horse poop!

Now all I have to do is smuggle them in and hide them somewhere in the wood.

I don't think I'll bring them indoors, nor shall I wrap them!!

His face will be a picture when he gets them - can't you just imagine it?
Of course I am only joking - yet somehow I think he will probably have much more fun from using these twelve sacks of manure than from anything else I can buy for him.

Which just goes to show that you don't have to spend a fortune on a gift to make someone very happy.

However, I am still left wondering what on earth I can get for his real gift.


  1. How does the Landy smell now?

    Yes, yes, I know it's got no nose...

    What I meant was, have you bought a little aromatic Christmas tree to hang from the rear view mirror?

  2. Ha ha, George sounds like a bit of a slow burner!

    The manure sounds like an ideal present.

  3. Hello Owl Wood
    No, the Land Rover smells just fine, even to my hyper-sensitive nose, probably because it is fresh horse poo.

    No need for a Christmas tree, so that's another gift ruled out!!

  4. Hi LBM

    He is a contented man and has most of the material things he wants!

    However, were I to offer him a new chain-saw, a sit-on lawn mower, a new laptop computer, or some such, then he'd be a happy bunny.

    Luckily we have set a budget which doesn't stretch that far!

  5. Oh, our men are so much alike! I'm getting my manly man a toaster this year, one big enough for all kinds of bread, he loves his toast.But, I seriously believe he would adore the horse poop. He's just that kind of guy. Love your posts! love linda

  6. Hi there Linda, That toaster sounds ideal - some of the regular ones are absolutely the wrong shape for real bread - and how lovely to get him something which will be used on a daily basis and make him happy.

    The horse poop is now safely hidden in the wood - I think I may have to draw a little map, a kind of treasure map ('x' marks the spot where you'll find the treasure) to go in an envelope under the Christmas tree, just to make it more fun! love, Elaine

  7. Argh, I feel your pain. It is getting so hard to shop for my hubby!! Maybe some manure is in order.

  8. Hi Natalie, Really I find it very easy to shop for George - the trouble is I end up buying him the things I want him to want, not the things he actually wants!! This year I honestly do think I am almost there with the sacks of manure, silly as it seems. I also have the latest book by one of his favourite authors, so all is not lost.
    I hope you do rather better with Gordon's gifts!

  9. Elaine

    I get six bags of crap EVERY year!

  10. Hi Chris,

    .. and are you happy with them?

    This is my 38th attempt, surely this year I have got it right? ;)

  11. A new blade (chain) for the chainsaw would probably make his day. It does for me when I change mine.

  12. Cro - You are a star! That is a brilliant idea.


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