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Thursday, 22 December 2011

When You Knead Love

Today has been a good day.  

I decided to have a baking session, in preparation for the festivities.
I am a bit of a messy Tessy.

The solid fuel Rayburn was having a good day, and reached a really high temperature, so I decided to make some bread.  

Quite often I get rid of a lot of angst when I am kneading, but today I just enjoyed the process and sang along to a cd of Christmas Music by Steeleye Span.

I could tell by the feel of the dough that it had the potential to be great bread.

While I waited for it to prove I cracked on and made mince pies and then a couple of apple pies.

Finally, after proving and baking ...
I was able to remove this little beauty from the Rayburn!  

We tried a slice and it is wonderful - I know self-praise is no praise, but it really is good!

Made with love.


  1. The bread looks wonderful. Go ahead and appreciate yourself! I'll be making a mincemeat pie on Saturday and two pumpkin pies. Is a Rayburn and type of stove (or gas cooker, as they say on Monty Python?) Enjoy!

  2. That bread is a work of art and I will take your word that it's wonderful. If I lived closer, I'd be happy to clean up after you, Messy Tessy! (I've had years of practice with much worse.)

  3. I'm a big believer in self appreciation! Lovely bread! Love your measuring scale. Merry Christmas Love Linda

  4. I could smell something a baking in the air earlier today. I knew I should have called round!!! (I left your Christmas cards in the pub tonight by the way...) I am baking bread tomorrow and I cannot wait to get stuck in!! We should have a baking session together soon xx

  5. Hi Ms Sparrow, A Rayburn is a type of cooker - a cooker with a great deal of personality and many cranky ways. I'll do a post soon and introduce you to it.

    It - what am I saying, he, definitely a he - makes cooking so unpredictable that when I have a successful outcome I just have to dance and shout in jubilation!

  6. Hi Mitch, Ah, if only you lived a little closer! I could have a tidy kitchen and you could taste that wonderful bread in one of my exceptionally good (according to Owl Wood!) sandwiches.

    You and Jerry would be very welcome!

  7. Hello John,
    I am indeed. Mind you, I was trained by the best, my mother. She was an amazing and consistent cook. I am simply messy... and have occasional successes ... have I told you about the bread I made........ x

  8. Hi Linda, A Merry Christmas to you! I hope you and your family have a really wonderful time over the holidays! Love, Elaine

  9. Hi Dom, I shall be making one of your recipes this Christmas - that lovely suet pudding - which I'm sure will go down a treat!

    Enjoy your bread making session, we'll be up when we smell it baking!

  10. I hereby do attest and a-swear once again that PTL's sandwiches exceed all known human tolerances - in a good way. They are usually made in the early Edwardian "Suitcase" manner with two stout scullery maids being required to sit upon each one until the lid can be closed.

    You don't take a bite out of a PTL sandwich, you approach it respectfully, establish a base camp at 14,000 ft and begin excavations.

    The bread looks fantastic! Glad that you had a good day and I hope that the "Hollywood hangover" occular disconvenience is abating!

  11. Hi Ian, Thank you for that glowing review! I think sandwiches had better be off the menu - I don't think I'd be able to live up to my reputation!

  12. I can almost smell the bread from here! It looks so tasty!


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