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Thursday, 18 April 2013

One Plate - Endless Memories

I began turning out the pantry today,
doing the spring cleaning.
This plate stopped me in my tracks!

It is over 50 years old and has had a hard life;

it is the sole survivor of the everyday china which
my mother used when we lived in Hong Kong.

The plate has endured countless moves and bears the signs of 
much wear and tear.

Funnily enough, the times I remember most are those meal times in Hong Kong, although
the service was used in the many places which my father's 
postings took us to.

They were magical days.
Perhaps it was because we were all young  -  children and parents. 
Rose tinted memories,  but I don't mind.

Memories of my mother's wonderful lemon meringue pies, orange mousse,
bread and butter puddings, ice-creams, home-made cookies, melting moments...
I've always had a sweet tooth!

I know we had good wholesome meals,
but oh those puddings!
(I wonder whether I resembled the baby elephant on the back-stamp!)

Memories of my young and glamorous mother, dark and handsome father,
and my two brothers.
Steven was four-and-a-half years older than me
and seemed to know everything about everything...
he could even whistle the tune to 'The Dambusters'  ... enviably well.
Baby brother Ian (Owlwood) was cute, with curly hair and golden skin.
He could speak Cantonese before he could speak English.

It's going to take me an awfully long time to spring clean the pantry at this rate.


  1. Hello friend...these are the best memories! And to think, the plate and stories can be passed on to Harry and Francesca...

  2. I have the same trouble as I try to clear the basement of things that have accumulated over the past forty plus years.
    I'm glad you have grandchildren who will appreciate your memories.

  3. I know just what you mean...I'm going through everything anticipating a move to the east coast and I have so many memories packed away. The hardest ones are finding photos, notes & cards, and gifts from Kelly. I love your plate and it tells quite a story that I've enjoyed learning about you, XOXO

  4. We are decluttering prior to renovations I know how you feel. The plate is rather beautiful isn't it...more so with the memories it evokes.
    Jane x

  5. It is good that we have a bit of something that brings back memories as it would be a terrible thing to forget. A very nice post Elaine.

  6. I had to chuckle when you say it will take a long time to clean with savoring your memories. The other day, I started looking through my folders for some old Earth Day stuff and didn't get very far. I got sidetracked browsing and the next thing I knew, it was time to make supper. The colors on your old china plate are still very bright. It probably was never put through the punishment of a dishwasher!

  7. What a lovely story about your mum's plate.
    It should take pride of place on your wall!
    How I remember my mother making some of those lovely puddings.
    Would love to hear more about your time in Hong Kong elaine.
    You must have lots of stories to tell.
    enjoyable reading.

  8. I have one dinner plate from my childhood too, and last week my neice gave me a bread and butter plate left over from the same set. They bring back lots of memories, don't they? I love the pretty flowers on yours Elaine. Sue


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