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Monday, 15 April 2013

Tenants in the Owl Wood

Image stolen from my brother, sorry owlwood.
Each spring I keep my eye on the owl box in our little                woodland and watch for signs that it has become home to Tawny Owls again.  
 Most years I am disappointed.   

Image stolen from my brother..

This year is no exception.    

Despite hearing Tawny Owl calls most nights, it seems that our box was not up to standard.   
They have chosen somewhere else.    

We do have new tenants.


 Handsome birds, but they are not owls.    

Image borrowed from

A few years ago we were fortunate enough to have a brood of three beautiful Tawny Owls hatched and raised in the woodland owl box.

All three survived and were fledged.     
I had such hopes that one would come back to repeat the process.

Maybe next year.


  1. Owls or jackdaws,you are honoured!
    Jane x

  2. Lots of delicious night-time Owl hootings here, but we rarely see them. I must build a box for them.

  3. What absolutely beautiful birds.

  4. -what beautiful owl's.. the three little chicks are so cute.
    The owl's could still be near elaine. maybe just dont want to go ino the box. Ours live up in the trees.
    I love birds. Its great to have them around the garden.
    happy Tuesday .

    Thank you for coming over to my blog. I have had some hitches. I notice i am not on your readers list.
    what i have suggested is, that you sign in again .. as my new posts are not showing on some of my followers.
    Thanks elaine.. hope you get an owl soon. val

  5. It's a shame your little owls chose to relocate to another neighborhood. The name Jackdaw Woods just doesn't have the same charm. Who knows what goes on in the little minds of birds?

  6. I'm laughing after reading Ms Sparrow's comment. I, too, much prefer the name Owl Wood.

  7. Love the picture of the three little tawnies.

  8. Just the sweetest photos. I have three crows that I'm going to miss terribly (and I'm guessing they'll miss my handouts). XOXO

  9. As you know I love owls, so I'm sad your tawnies didn't come back. I'm still waiting for the great horned owl to return and perch on the pole outside and hear its great call - but that was many years ago, but I'm still hopeful.

    Janet (revisinglife)

  10. Oh, too bad they didn't take up residence. I think hearing an owl hoot at night is so neat. I have only heard two owls in my life time.


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