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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Notes from Home, for Jonny

Hi Jonny,
Delighted to hear that you had such a great time at Bottle Beach.  I saw from your Fb page that you had moved on up the country in preparation for your trip to Vietnam.

Davina was pleased that you had asked after her - especially as she was over here with Harry when your message came through.

She is due to have the baby in just under 4 weeks, but as the baby is not growing very well it could be sooner.  No immediate plans for delivery though.  She is well enough in herself.

Young Harry had a splendid time over Christmas and behaved very well.  He went to the Crib Service in South Thoresby and really enjoyed it, he has been to the Tavern and enjoyed the atmosphere there. He also won a brace of pheasant, a pack of beer, a commemorative mug and something else which has quite slipped my mind at the moment, in the Christmas Draw!

Unfortunately our visit from Tim and Isis hasn't taken place yet.  They decided that instead of  coming to ours on Christmas Eve they would stay home and celebrate a quiet Christmas together (quite rightly) and instead they would come and visit on Boxing Day.  Unfortunately Isis became ill on the rich food they had eaten, and also developed a nasty cough, so they are now due to come and see us tomorrow.  I only hope we have enough festive fare left by then!   I am joking, as usual I have stocked up well enough to feed an army, very well,  for a couple of months.

You pa has taken the opportunity to do the channelling for the new lamp (a slightly tricky operation because of the thickness of the walls, complicated by where the utility wall joins the living room and so on and so forth) and so far it is looking good.  Photos will be posted for you to check on the quality of his work, so don't worry!

The cats haven't let the holiday mood interfere with their mousing duties, every day they line up quite an assortment on the patio.  We can always tell which ones Sparky has caught as they are partial remains, she like to eat the tasty bits.  Waste not, want not seems to be her motto.

The village reverberated to the sound of hounds barking yesterday, we didn't see the hunt but they were round and about somewhere.  Then today the shooting started, which set Toby a tremble for a while.  He is okay now though.

As soon as we have any news about Davina and the baby we will send you a text message, and I will also keep you updated on here, so one way or another you will hear about it.

Enjoy yourself darling.  I hope you are taking plenty of photographs?

Much love from everyone
but especially from your 


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