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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Visited by The Damned?

The graveyard is a wonderful mix of drunken tombstones, large monuments, iron railings, and long grass, it is one of the most peaceful that I have visited for quite a while.  
Such a pretty village really deserves to have a beautiful old church, alas, this one has a church built of brick which dates from 1738.  An earlier, much larger church had fallen into ruin by 1735, more is the pity.
Once a year St Andrew's Church hosts the Christmas Craft Market, always a great place to pick up a bargain.
And the title of this post - well that refers to my previous post about the recording studios.  The Damned are among the many groups/singers who have recorded music there.  I just wondered whether they had walked a few yards down the road and had a meander around the church yard.


  1. Would the Damned be allowed in a churchyard?

    It's more Utah Saints territory isn't it, or Boney M ...

  2. I love old graveyards and the stories that are past. In a cemetery in Tennessee I saw a huge pink granite stone with words I could read from far off: TOODELOO. I wish I knew him.

  3. Hello Ian, I'm sure they would all be welcome! Boney M is a name I recall, don't think I have heard of the Utah Saints - but then I haven't heard of many groups!

  4. Hello Joanne, A man with a sense of fun! Like you, I love old churchyards. Some people find them morbid but I've never felt that.


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