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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Radio Ga-Ga?

This morning George and I visited my Aged Aunt.

Last week we bought her a very nice new radio, showed her how to work it, wrote out the instructions in case she forgot. 

At first she was pleased with it.

However, today when we visited to do her shopping, make sure she is eating alright, keep her company, etc. she issued a request.

She would like a new radio.  This one must be the kind which says 'Good morning' when she switches it on and then proceed to read the news and the weather report for the day...

George very gently explained that this wouldn't be possible, and that the news is generally read out every hour if she wanted to listen to it.  

She didn't really take it on board, because as we left she asked us again to get her a radio which would say hello and....

So, my lovely World of Blog friends, if anyone knows of such a radio there is a ninety year old woman who will be happy if you could pass on the details.

P.S.  Before you ask, no, I am not ninety!


  1. Can we get her one that announces "Germany calling... Germany calling... " and then proceeds to give news of the Eastern Front?

  2. I think we'd all like a radio to tell us good morning! how cute and how sweet of you to care for her. wish I could help.

  3. Hello Owl Wood, Thanks for your suggestion - but I think she is confused enough as it is!!

  4. Hello Anon, It would be rather nice - and it's probably only a matter of time before someone comes out with one! I think it would probably help make her feel a little less lonely.


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