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Friday, 9 December 2011

Round 'Em Up

I need light and colour in my life and as today has been  dull, cold and gloomy  I have decided to do a post about some beautiful visitors who dropped by to see us earlier in the year.
The iridescent beauty of this blue chap was quite something.
The white one was a little grumpy when faced with a camera!
They walked up the road to us when they made their escape from Claythorpe Watermill, which is just a few hundred yards along the road.

They turned up in the wildlife section of our garden, so we let them enjoy themselves, in safety, while we rang the watermill to let them know that their peacocks had come to visit us again and needed to be collected.

I was a bit slow off the mark with my camera, luckily my brother, Ian - had his handy.

The final one I would like to share with you is a lovely photograph of them being shepherded home...
Their keeper arrived on his motorbike and gently 'drove' them back to the watermill.  They seemed resigned to the fact that they had to go back  - I swear one of them muttered "It's a fair cop, Guv" as they were rounded up.

I have no doubt they will return, they seem to like it here.  

Regular readers may recall we have had a couple of visits from the wallaby who lives at the watermill.  


  1. Love that Elaine, especially the last shot of the scooter shepherd!

  2. "I need light and colour in my life and as today has been dull, cold and gloomy "

    I think we all do xxx

  3. Hi Chris,
    It is so funny, you don't expect them to comply - and yet they do! No doubt they will be back.

  4. Hello John, I hope you have found some comfort today. I won't be alone in sending love to you. xxx

  5. Beautiful photos! We have someone on our road who breeds peacocks and we want to get some. They do surprisingly well in this climate!

  6. You shopped em in!!! You're like boarder guards!

  7. Hi Natalie, They are lovely. If you get some (and I hope you do), does that mean you'll be having a peacock poem competition?

  8. Hi Dom, We do seem to attract all creatures great and small. Did I ever tell you about the time cows came to call?

  9. What a brilliant pair of visitors to have! I love to see peacocks; they always make me smile.
    That last photo of them all going back up the lane is great :D

  10. Hello Nilhuanwen, They are amazingly beautiful birds, I particularly love that peacock blue. You would really have smiled watching them amble home with their modern shepherd!

  11. I thought peacocks really classed up a joint until my friends got some--to go with their emus, alpacas, pigs, Barbary sheep and God knows what else--and in no time we were all ankle deep in peacock poop. Plus their sounds could shred leather.

    Right purty, though.

  12. Hello Murr, I am happy that they call in for a quick photo shoot occasionally and then, like grandchildren, it is nice to be able to send them home.

  13. We had a pair turn up once. They stayed with us, and roosted up in one of the bigger trees. Eventually the dogs had them. As Murr said; they do make a helluva mess.


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