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Friday, 30 December 2011

The Winds of Change Blew us Through 2011

As we teeter on the cusp between the new year and what remains of the old year  it is natural to have a glimpse over one's shoulder and maybe have a chat with family or friends, reviewing some events.

Sometimes we are happy to be leaving the old year and our old baggage behind us, moving on to fresh beginnings and new horizons; occasionally there is sadness at having to leave something, or someone, behind.

2011 was an interesting year in our household.  Without wishing to bore you with trivia I will stick to a few of the major changes.  George retired from work.  For many years he had worked away in Saudi Arabia, Germany, Holland, Kazakhstan, etc.  Suddenly he was home 24/7.  People shook their heads, muttered about how difficult it would be for us to adjust...

Well, 9 months on I am delighted to tell you all that it is fine, we really do still get on pretty well, we can work together.  Relax, be happy.  We are.

Jonny went to work in China and by all accounts he is working hard but having a great time.  Phew!

Davina is expecting her second child any time now and is taking a break from teaching.

Tim is doing well and is mulling over the pros and cons of returning to work in Canada again.

We lost poor old Pip, she put up a good fight and certainly had a great life.  Toby still misses her like crazy - which is surprising considering that she made his life a misery at times!

Bennie and Sparky came to live with us and have brought much fun and love along with them, they've proved themselves to be excellent ratters and mousers.  They earn their keep!

We still have three of the hens and now that they spend their days roaming around the little wood they are as happy as it is possible for ex battery hens to be.  They have a wonderful life.

I have discovered the joys of the world of blog and have had the privilege to meet so many new friends!  I thank you all.

Happy New Year!


  1. How nice that you have so many beautiful pets and animals to love!
    It sounds like you have a good selection of humans as well!

  2. What a beautiful year end post and wonderful recap of all the major events in 2011. Happy New Year to you and George and may your 2012 filled with lots of love, joy, hope, happiness, peace and good health. HUGS

  3. Oh dear, you're teetering on the cusp again. I shall have to ask George to put more water into the Kitchen Sherry.

    A pre-emptive "Happy New Year" to you all.

  4. and we're so glad you did as we love reading about your thoughts on life... happy new year my darling xx

  5. Hi Ms Sparrow, Thank you, I love them all! Happy New Year!

  6. Hi Veronica, It has been a delight getting to know you and your family. Happy New Year and all good wishes to you. x

  7. Hi Ian, 'S'not the cooking sherry dahling, wuz the trifle - I on'y uze the goo'stuff'n that. Hic xx

  8. Hi Dom (and Andy) Happy New Year and lots of love to you


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