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Monday, 5 December 2011

While Walking in Owl Wood Over the Weekend

I took a different path from normal, and looked around for more tree 'eyes'.  Of course there were lots to choose from.    So here is another batch.  

I took plenty of photographs, but these are probably the ones least likely to spook some of my more sensitive friends - though why tree eyes would spook anyone is beyond me.

Mind you, I don't like walking in there when it is dark - my imagination goes into overdrive then!  Benign eyes could easily become something entirely different.

I like my day time version.
I think they are beautiful and I like to think that the trees are casting a benevolent eye over the hens,  the cats, Toby and I as we meander around!

Owl Wood is the healthiest it has been for a long time, why wouldn't the trees be keeping watch over us?

It is a lovely place to walk and to think.

The wood provides us with all the firewood we need, and in return we tend it and tidy it and try to make sure that it remains healthy and viable.


  1. I absolutely love these pictures :)

  2. Now I shall forever be on the look-out for tree eyes!

  3. I love that you use the word "tidy." I have noticed that my friends in Maine tidy their woods. Here in Oregon it would never happen. Too ferny.

  4. Hello Nilhuanwen, I hoped that you would - there is something wonderfully magical and mystical about them.

  5. Hello Cro, Once you notice them you do see them all around - so be warned!

  6. Hello Murr - and welcome! When we took over the wood it had been badly neglected for 20-30 years, people had dumped rubbish and garden debris in it and no one had ever cleared the fallen trees and branches, blackthorn had sprouted everywhere and it was almost impenetrable.

    We spent a lot of time working on it - tidying, but also leaving plenty of dead wood for the insects, etc. These days it is really down to picking up fallen branches and continuing to watch out for that pesky blackthorn.

    We love it - and so do our hens who free-range in there!

  7. I really like the banner at the top of your blog. And I'd never thought of tree markings as "eyes". I'll have to look for some in our little bush.

  8. Hi Jenny, Snow has the power to make things look so nice!

    I'd love to know whether you find any 'eyes', I am sure you will once you start looking!

  9. I've loved looking at your eyes, I too will have to look out for them now!

  10. Hello LBM, I'm glad you like them. They are beautiful and all around once you look for them.


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