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Monday, 26 December 2011

Saved by Her Hair

The Aged Aunt really didn't want to let us in, as she was watching television, but she brightened a little when we produced her gifts.  

She quite liked some, soon discarded others, and sort-of enjoyed looking at a framed collection of both old and new photographs we had assembled for her.
She quickly knocked back the two glasses of Babycham and then asked for more.  

So, perhaps it was the unaccustomed alcohol which made the next gift seem so wonderful, the perfect gift, the one gift which I can say truly made her happy.  

Two old fashioned hairnets!  Inexpensive, unlovely, yet exactly what she wanted!  Phew!

The television went back on, our audience was over.

We were free to go home and see young Harry unwrap some of his gifts.

Jonny, thank you for sending the text message yesterday.  We had a look at Bottle Beach on Google Earth - it looks a beautiful place to spend Christmas!  I hope you had a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your holiday.   xxx


  1. Our favorite gifts over the years from Jerry's mother... socks and underwear. Hairnets were a great idea. I love Harry's intensity in the photo! More happy Christmas!

  2. Happy Christmas Mitch and Jerry! I hope you are both having a wonderful time in that most vibrant of cities. xx

  3. Oh, Elaine, my heart is now even warmer! Thank you so much and wishing you a continued beautiful Christmas.


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