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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Recycled Christmas Gifts ...

...and I don't mean those gifts which eventually make it to the tombola stall or the raffle table either!

Harry opens the gifts from Father Christmas at home, his own home.  Then he comes across the garden to see whether Father Christmas came down our chimney too.  Lucky boy, he finds another, much smaller, pile of gifts here.

We had our three children in close succession - so toys got played with very heavily for a few years and were then abandoned.

The toys which survived were still in amazingly good condition so I decided that we would store the best ones, ready for any grandchildren.  That was about 30 years ago.  
Among Harry's gifts this year we had wrapped this train which our three children enjoyed all those years ago.  He loves it.  It has become his Polar Express, and he and Toby play endlessly with it, at the moment.

Somewhere, packed away, are the animals which should go with it - but hey, he doesn't know, or care, it's a train!

All aboard!


  1. Heart-warming! And thanks for the previous post and so generously sharing your communications with Jonny. They are always very touching.

  2. Heartwarming was exactly my reaction as well! One can always capture a little boy's fancy with a toy train or truck!

  3. Harry will be transporting dog bisciuts and "stuff" in that train. Good job.

  4. what a sweet picture and sweet little boy. I love that train, my children played with the same one!Linda

  5. Mitch, It is great to see the old train in action again - when he is older I'll show him a photograph of his mum, and his Uncle Tim playing with it!

    Ms Sparrow, I quite agree, trains and trucks will do it every time! It is great to know that, despite all the modern advances, some things don't change!

    Joanne, This morning he was heaping as many cat toys, dog biscuits, and cars into it as he possibly could. That could account for Toby's close attention!

    Linda, Isn't it amazing how much play some toys can take! It is as much fun for Harry as it was for his mummy!


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