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Thursday, 15 December 2011

£1,000 if not true!!

One of my most loved, seasonal books, is a leather bound collection of the Christmas editions of the Graphic Magazine dating from late 1870's through to the early 1890's.
George bought it for me, a number of years ago, and each Christmas season it comes out and I spend many happy hours trawling through it.  I love the illustrations, the stories, the advertisements, everything about it really.
The colours have stayed strong and fresh even after all this time.

The advertisements are terribly old fashioned, woefully non-pc 
so much so that I won't post the lower half of this one lest it offend...and that is Pears' Soap, for goodness sake!
OK, maybe it is Victorian sentimental mush, but if we can't be sentimental at Christmas...

The title of this post is taken from this Pears' Soap Advertisement, from the 1880's

Apparently, if you stare hard at the green circle for about 30 seconds and then transfer your gaze to the white circle you will get an impression of a pale pink circle with green lettering reading 'PEARS' through the middle.

I don't know whether they had to pay out.


  1. beautiful pictures! love the colors. them.

  2. I love the colours! And leather bound books just have a wonderful feel about them.

  3. Hi Linda, I'm with you there - books are wonderful!

  4. Hi Nilhuanwen, It is amazing how strong the colours remain - and it's a real delight to enjoy this particular one every year. I am hoping to introduce our grandson to it this year, little by little.


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