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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Jonny & Ming Ming in Lincolnshire

Here they are, the final people to come through Immigration and Passport Control.   All the hoops have been jumped through, the visa checked, questions asked - Jonny and Ming Ming can now begin their holiday in England.

Our tiny local airport was closing down for the night - the doors were locked behind us - as we made our way out through the car park.    
It was almost ten o'clock at night and the staff wanted to go home.   
So did we.

The young ones were up and about before George and I got up to let the hens out and see to the animals.   Their bodies were still on Shanghai time.    

Ming Ming has a particularly soft spot for Bennie, who adores all the attention.

Here they are trying to work out which hen is Xiaou Ji 
George is the only one who knows for sure.

Keeping in touch with their friends in China...

Hats on - and off to the fruit farm along the road, strawberries for tea!

The guardian of the gate, what a poser.

Despite my protestations that she is on holiday, and should be relaxing,
Ming Ming has been cooking some superb Chinese meals.
She is a far better cook than I will ever be.
Ingredients are beautifully sliced, diced, 
and beautifully arranged.
The food is spicy and delicious.

Young Francesca loves Ming Ming's meals.
The spicier the better, as far as she is concerned.

Harry hasn't tried one yet - it seems to be party season
amongst his many friends - so we scarcely see him.

However, he called round a little after 7 a.m. yesterday.
He wanted to see his two favourite people 
- and he didn't mean Grandpa or Grandma!

I couldn't resist taking a photograph of  Ming Ming wearing my special apron.

No doubt you are already on photo-overload, so I won't post any more just now.

It is wonderful having Jonny home and it is a genuine pleasure having Ming Ming here
 to stay with us for a few weeks.      
She is not only beautiful to look at, but she has a wonderfully bubbly personality.
There is no language barrier, despite the fact that our Mandarin is non-existent and Ming Ming's English
is slightly less than perfect.

Her smile lights up the place
and her enthusiasm is contagious.
She is great fun to be with.

The fields around our place are festooned with beautiful red poppies.
Ming Ming was amazed...
In China they are not permitted to grow them,
and if they did
the police would chop them down
and the farmer would be in big trouble..!

Most evenings we have been treated to a special Chinese tea ceremony.
I'll post about it, next time.

Apologies for not having the time to read or comment on many blogs right now - life is hectic and fun.


  1. What a beautiful smile Ming Ming has!
    Enjoy your special time together.
    Jane x

  2. Lovely post Elaine. Ming Ming looks very much at home in your apron - you have obviously made her very welcome. I do like you header picture. 'Happy' like you post. Hugs Sue

  3. You must be overjoyed with them there. It's the reason why all this packing is worth it--to be closer to family. I love Ming Ming in the apron, XOXO

  4. So pleased that they arrived safely and that you are having a wonderful time. x

  5. Why apologise Elaine? We can all imagine what a lovely time you are having. Ming Ming is truly beautiful.


  6. I feel from your post Elaine, that you are so happy to see your son and MIng Ming.. she looks a sweet person.
    I can imagine her cooking is wonderful.
    wondered if those trees were your strawberries.!
    Enjoy the time with your family.. they are special times..
    val x x x

  7. As I always say to my students there is no language barrier if you truly want to communicate it is just a question of motivation. I thought Humberside airport was a very neat airport and extremely efficient the last time I used it.

    Lucky lucky you real chinese cooking! She looks a delightful person and if she is anything like the chinese people I know they fall over themselves to please and are extremely energetic. They also have a great sense of humor albeit a bit childish which my hubby loves.
    I thought the kitchen photo was great!
    Have a wonderful time with your family Elaine and I look forward to more fantastic photos.

    Amanda xx

  8. There is nothing in the world better than having one's children return home for a visit. Ming Ming is indeed beautiful. Enjoy your time with them. I look forward to your posting about the tea ceremony. Bonnie

  9. No photo overload here. I couldn't get tired of so much happiness. You are surrounded by beauty.

    And by the way, I want that stove. All I would do is dust it, but still I want it.

  10. Wonderful, wonderful. Ming Ming's charm and enthusiasm bubbles from every picture. Have a wonderful visit with her and with Jon.

  11. How happy you must be. Wonderful to have your son home a enjoy a special time with him and Ming Ming. She looks sweet and adorable. ENJOY!

  12. oh Elaine you must be so happy and so proud... Ming Ming and Jonny are BOTH gorgeous and look so lovely... can't wait to meet them! Have a wonderful time x

  13. Oh, Elaine...what a delightful post. You must be in heaven having Jonny home.

  14. What a great looking couple they are. It must be great to have authentic Chinese food cooked for you right in your own kitchen.

  15. It sounds as if you are having a lovely time. Enjoy the next couple of weeks. Jx

  16. I would be very pleased to have Chinese food cooked for me! Enjoy! xx

  17. That's interesting that the Chinese won't allow poppies to be grown at all! Enjoy your company and keep taking photos!

  18. What wonderful visitors to have!


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