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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Des Res for Three Little Pigs (Claythorpe Watermill part II with Jonny & Ming Ming)

On the opposite side of the road from beautiful Claythorpe Watermill
 lies an Enchanted Forest.

While adults love the beauty and tranquillity of the watermill,
younger children love charging around this place...

..if they can find the courage to slip past the slightly scary blue wizard
 who guards the entrance.

There are cute little cottages

of child-sized proportions

all set in pretty woodland.

There are several magic mushroom houses,

and even a toy shop!

A cute row of terraced houses for the three little pigs..

Luckily for the pigs I didn't spot the Big Bad Wolf
but they had better watch out for
these rather fierce-looking

The horse in the paddock didn't seem too perturbed, though.

Later that evening we went along to our village pub,
The Railway Tavern.
The field next door is home to some cows - including this beauty.
See the heart shape on her head?
I wonder whether she is called Valentina.

The barley field opposite the Tavern is fringed with beautiful poppies.
Ming Ming was unable to resist picking a few.
Their beauty, and our freedom to grow them,
is a source of never-ending delight
and wonder to her.


  1. Such delights you are bringing into view for Ming Ming . . . ahhhhh, the freedom she must feel as she reaches for a poppy . . .

  2. I really like your header Elaine. Are they poppies! Ming Ming is really enjoying England. It will all be very different and fascinating for her.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    val x

  3. The middle little piggy house looks a lot like our house...but our bears are definitely less scary!
    Jane x
    PS Your header takes my breath away for it's beauty and poignancy.

  4. What a delightful place to take little children--and grown-up ones too. I'm constantly amazed at all the wonderful sights in your area.

  5. I was also wondering what the red flowers in your header photo are. That wood is just magical especially the lovely toadstool.

  6. Beautiful poppy field. And what fun to walk through fairy tale land in the Enchanted Forest.


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