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Sunday, 28 July 2013

It is a Very Small World! (Ming Ming & Jonny in Lincoln & York)

This shot of Jonny and Ming Ming walking up Lincoln's aptly named Steep Hill 
really makes me smile
at the way it emphasises the difference in their heights.

The gradient is one-in-seven,
and it gets worse near the top.

There used to be a wonderful second-hand bookshop
about halfway along it.
You can imagine how popular it was!
Suddenly everyone wanted to browse.

Independent shops and restaurants line this
two thousand year old road.

They become particularly interesting when you find yourself out of breath.

Cathedral Square is full of delightful old buildings.

Including this one... Lincoln Cathedral.

When Jonny took Ming Ming to visit York
they both found out just how small the world can be.

They visited beautiful York Minster
and then headed for The Shambles...and the shops.

Imagine their surprise when somewhere along here they were hailed by one of Jonathan's
Shanghai University students.
He also happened to be on holiday and visiting York on the same day!
I don't know who was more surprised,
Jonny or his student.

All this tourism is hard work!

Sadly, Jonny and Ming Ming will be leaving us soon.
They will be staying with my older son, Tim, and his wife, Isis.
Ming Ming can then enjoy the delights
that London has to offer.

Surely not a patch on Lincolnshire...


  1. Ming Ming is an itsy bitty one isn't she!? Gorgeous setting in the photos. It would be worth the trek up hill! Enjoy these final days with Jonny and Ming Ming.

  2. How can it be a patch on Lincolnshire...Toby Too lives in Lincolnshire!
    Jane x

  3. Wonderful photos of the stone buildings. What a beautiful shot of Jonny and Toby Too. I think they might need a longer sofa...

  4. I've never visited Lincoln; I should have.

  5. I love, love, love York. I've been there at least three times. Hope you are having a great visit with Jonyy and MIng Ming. What a coincidence that he should have run into a student from SHanghai!


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