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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Rock Chick!

Aunt Lillian
Aged ninety-one and one third.
Meet Aunt Lillian - this photograph was taken yesterday morning.
 Unfortunately, her enjoyment of the Stones concert at Glastonbury has already faded, 
sunk under the surface, and is now less easy to access.
She barely remembered watching them.     
Such a shame.
I shall have to try playing some of their music next week, 
see whether it stimulates her memory.

If nothing else it will help me to whizz around the place
as I do her housework.
borrowed from allthingsroyal blogspot

When I left her she was happily pondering over what food would be served
on Thursday, when she will be taken out for a luncheon
with Age UK.

Her outfit is already hanging on the wardrobe door
and we have selected a colourful necklace
to go with it.
It is the highlight of her week.

She doesn't mind how long the journey takes,
in fact she loves being the first person on the mini-bus
because then she gets to enjoy seeing where
everyone else lives.

I wonder what would happen if the volunteer mini-bus driver
played some 'golden oldies' music..


  1. Memories are jogged by music..the golden oldies music would be great...unless the oldies got a bit raucous!
    Jane x

    1. It could end up something like the army school buses I used to travel on in Hong Kong - our soldier guards would have us singing 'She'll be coming round the mountain...' and sometimes slightly naughtier songs. Great fun.

  2. Well, Tina Turner is 73 going on 74 in November, so AA's just blazing the trail.

    I'm puzzled by the besom in your photograph though - I thought you travelled by LandRover?

    p.s. I am dreading turning 40 myself soon.

    1. The AA was asking after you, couldn't remember you name though. Just take some music along with you - and chocolate, lots of chocolate. She probably won't have a clue who you are, but then she thinks I am the cleaning lady. She'll probably think you are the Wiltshire Farm Foods man, or the window cleaner! Had a breakthrough the other day when she checked with me whether my mother was called Jean and had she been her sister...

  3. Good for Aunt Lillian. I think I, too, would be more interested in anticipating Thursday lunch than reminiscing last Saturday's concert. What's being served, by the way?

    1. She thinks it may be pork, or beef, perhaps chicken...her hope is that it is not sausages. She doesn't like sausages because they put all sorts of rubbish into them. She likes the puddings and the coffee though.

  4. Bless Her. Well she enjoyed it while it lasted and that's the main thing

    1. She certainly did. I shall have to take some Beatles music along, I know she used to really like Paul - even went to see them once.

  5. I should live so long! Maybe a little "Pink" will keep me going:-D

  6. Maybe Aunt Lillian will have the thrill of falling in love with the Stones all over again! It's nice that she gets so much enjoyment going out to her Age dinners. Here in the US, we call events for the elderly Senior dinners, etc. This sometimes gets confusing since the students in the last year of high school or college are also called seniors. She is so lucky to have you helping her with everything.

  7. Sounds like music is a "key" that connects her to part of her life. I'd say, keep on playin' the tunes!

  8. Just don't get them to play any Vera Lynne, she might start kissing soldiers.

  9. Music is wonderful therapy. It's amazing how long the brain retains that specific memory. I know this can't be easy, especially given the history. You are extremely kind and deserve at least a gold star!


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