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Wednesday, 5 October 2011


The wallaby is bouncing around in the graveyard, opposite the pub!  Dawn (landlady of the Railway Tavern) has just rung me for the phone number of the watermill.  It is blowing a gale here, the rain has started and it is pitch black out there.  Silly boy should have picked his time a bit better than that.

Today was special as I managed to get my wellies on for the first time in two and a half weeks.  Very fortunate really because the weather forecast is pretty wet and horrible for the next few days.

I walked Toby and the cats round the wood - Pip refused to come out as she had already been round with George.  It is looking  beautiful at the moment - especially when I compare it to how dreadful it was when we first took it over.  All that hard work is really paying off.

The cats loved it, they were especially playful and crazy because the wind was blowing hard, the leaves make a crisp, crunchy sound which they seem to like -and they are young and energetic cats anyway.
They ran up trees, down trees, chased Toby, chased one another, stalked the hens, and had a great time.  It was a tonic to watch them.
the owl box doesn't seem to have any residents of any kind that I can spot.
Perhaps we will have more luck next year.
I took a quick tour of the garden

There are still some lovely flowers to be found.

Tomorrow we have to take the Aged Aunt to Grimsby to do a few things, then we'll take her for a bite to eat before taking her home - this means that I may not get time to do a post  Jonny -, but if I do have the time (and more importantly, the energy) then I am hoping to do it about the truly exciting subject of the drainage system.

I know, I can hardly wait!  Just joking.  Your Pa wants me to show you the work he has been doing and he has taken photos as he has gone along so that you will know what is what and where it is located.

Lots of love,


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  1. that god forsaken wallaby!... I've not seen it yet but I remember an episode of Speedy Gonzalez where he thinks a wallaby is a giant mouse!... genius!


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