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Monday, 17 October 2011


I had a good old cry yesterday evening.

I was making a huge vat of windfall apple chutney and had been chopping masses of onions - so that may have had something to do with it.

Today marked an official end to 'summer' in our house because your Pa took down the parachute.  
This crazy photograph was taken while he was shaking it (to get rid of all the dead flies and wasps which had accumulated on top of it throughout summer) and trying to fold it ready to go back into the loft until spring - a great gust of wind came along and I thought he was about to get a birds eye view of the gardens.

(We use the parachute to drape inside the conservatory roof over the sunny season, it works as well as blinds would do, and the drape and folds help created a lovely atmosphere in there - much cheaper than bespoke blinds!)

The cat house has also undergone a transformation - your Dad has moved it from the side garden round to the sheltered corner of the patio and he has also added polycarbonate panels to create a handy shelter for them to use on those nights when they refuse to come in because they'd rather be hunting.  
No doubt I will continue to get up through the night to try to get them to come inside, but I won't worry so much when they won't.  Naughty girls!

We really enjoyed our lovely long chat with you yesterday.  

Your card is in the post, it left our hands at 10.30am this morning, Alford P Office, so let's see how long it takes to reach you.  The Aged Aunt was busy writing you a Christmas card when I spoke to her a short time ago..

Lots of love,


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