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Saturday, 22 October 2011


...but don't worry, Sister Sparky is taking care of them!


I hope you have had a lovely day with your friends.  Did you enjoy the hairy crab?  I know it is a speciality of Shanghai but was it any different to regular crab?

Did you take plenty of photographs of your visit to ...  sorry, I have forgotten which province you were going to!

The mice form a small part of the things I have made for the church bazaar which will be held in a few weeks time.  The cats may well claim a couple of them before then!

It has been a beautiful autumnal day, but the wind has been a bit wild and there's worse to come tomorrow.  I am not complaining though because I have been able to dry several loads of washing outdoors - when I brought it back inside just now I was treated to that wonderful smell which only outdoor drying produces. 

Your dad has been working on the shrub area where the laurels have been planted.  As a result of one of those 'surreal' conversations before he had his hearing checked, he thought that I wanted a very low brick wall around it (I actually wanted the bricks to be level with the lawn for easier mowing) and he has been working on that today.  In all fairness, although it is not what I wanted, it does look nice.

I managed to get in an hour of heavy duty weeding and clearing up in the vegetable garden.  A few more sessions like that should settle things for the winter.  The leeks are doing really well and so are the autumn carrots - and the weeds are positively flourishing!  

Drop me a line when you have the chance.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Much love,



  1. I always enjoy finding a post "before my time". Mice with measles and George's hearing made me chuckle. Not that there is anything funny about hearing problems....but the brick level was funny.

  2. Hi Meggie,
    This is such a coincidence because only this afternoon I looked at that small brick wall and for the first time in months thought of how it should have been done. George and I still have very strange conversations and if it is about anything important I have to check that we are both talking the same language. It is tedious (for both of us) but very necessary!


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