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Thursday, 20 October 2011


Do not read any further, Ian.

An Inexpensive Breakfast Dish (cost 1/-)

Procure a sheep's head from your butcher, ask him to place this in his pickle pot for 3 days.  After that time, wash in clean water, place in a pan of boiling water for two-and-a-half to three hours, simmering gently.

The meat will then fall off the bones quite easily.  Skin the tongue, split length wise, place 1 half at the bottom of a cake tin, fill in the rest of the meat, lastly the other half of the tongue cut side uppermost.

Place a small plate on the meat and press until next day.  This is quite as nice as a bought tongue, costing five or six shillings.  (original)  Mrs Cawkwell, Eastgate.

Lucky Mr Cawkwell.

Lucky George:
  • I don't have a sheep's head
  • The butcher doesn't have a pickle pot
  • I wouldn't be able to cook it even if they were available 

NB:  If you do try this,  you will have a very smelly house so you may need this useful tip:

During the cooking time get a bowl of boiling water and put in it two or three drops of lavender water.  All the odour of cooking will disappear, and the air will be refreshed.


  1. No worries - I've switched off my sensibilities. Just driven past a gathering of MENSA on the Rigsby Road, all oiling their Purdeys and hopping from one green wellie to the other in anticipation of a big brave hunt, mano-a-small-feathered-or-furry-animal. I'll simply picture one of their heads boiling away instead...

    What's the next recipe? Ceann-cropaig?

  2. Now there's a thought! Liver-stuffed cod's head anyone? Begin by squeezing the ...xx

  3. I would rather sit through an entire series of xfactor

  4. John - Ian had to eat Ceann-cropaig when we lived in the Hebrides as it was served regularly for school dinners. I was luckier, being older, I went to the 'big' school and lunches were optional. What is xfactor?

  5. No way John, I'd rather eat ten of those than watch Loius' stupid grinning face again.

    X factor is bloody awful tele, PTL. Stick to boiling heads...

  6. Chris, I am just about to have some baked apple, and listen to The Archers, will that do? (We all have our vices!)


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