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Thursday, 27 October 2011


Several years ago we offloaded very kindly gave a couple of squishy sofas to our newly married daughter and her husband.  Time goes by and they have now purchased something much smarter and they wanted to know whether we would be happy for them to dispose of the old ones.  We debated for a whole ten seconds before letting them know that we'd be be happy to have them back as they would suit this house perfectly!

Our daughter lives next door, so it was hardly a major move - distance-wise, anyway.  

The logistics of getting very large, squishy sofas through their cottage-size livingroom door, round into their hallway was an interesting exercise, especially when performed by George and son-in-law Jonathan!  

The rest of the journey was easy as we have double width doors.  I'd like to say this is down to good planning but it just happens to be because it was an old cow and cart shed  (stables, if we are being posh)  and had wide doorways which we took advantage of.

I tried to help with extra muscle-power where I could, but eventually had to scoot off in order to hide my laughter,  because they were like the chimps in the old PG Tips advertisement ...

To cut a long story short, the sofas are now installed, one in the kitchen, one in the conservatory.   Order was restored and we all enjoyed a jolly good cup of tea (glass of wine).

 The sofas now have old throws on them and the cats and dogs are loving the luxury!  They look pretty good - and talk about recycling!

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