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Monday, 10 October 2011


This lovely little tree is a fig, Davina gave it to us last week.  Her tree is now producing an abundance of figs, so I have great hopes for this little chap.  I thought it could do well down by the big arch in the courtyard, next to the water butt.   It should get lots of sun but it will also be sheltered.  At the moment it is outside the patio door.  

Talking of the patio - I can't resist it any longer - here are some sneaky photos of a work in progress...
I really love the delicate willow trellis against the sturdiness of the brick walls
and although they still have some temporary green wraps holding them at the moment, you can get the idea
that whole area is beginning to look lovely - and once I get some climbers planted it should look fabulous.
I am hoping to get some large pots planted up ready with some winter foliage and colour to help us through autumn and winter.

I hope all is going well for you.  

Lots of love,




  1. I saw this post today and it made me think of my little fig tree. It has put on leaves for this year. Don't you think shape of the leaves are very interesting. I have high hopes of lots of figs. I can just pop them in my mouth while I garden. I do the same with the little cherry tomatoes. Add a bottle of water, and it keeps me going.

  2. Hi Meggie, The parent tree is in a part of the garden we have fenced off for Harry and his sister, it produced lots of figs last year. I couldn't agree more, gardening and nibbling on the produce is part of the fun. Cherry tomatoes, mangetout and peas, perks of the job! I look forward to the day I can add figs to the menu.


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