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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Today was Farmers' Market Day in Louth, it's only held once a month so we always try to go when we can.  It is a proper outdoor market, so much nicer than those horrible indoor ones.

We usually park at the top of the hill and walk down past some lovely cottages (sorry about the shadows).

including this lovely one - check out those  wibbly wobbly windows, goodness knows what the floors are like.
The road leads down the hill past the auction rooms, a pub, a chocolatier, beauty parlour, hairdressers and nail technician all located in the wonderfully named Pawnshop Passage!  I'm not sure which ones were the old pawnshops.

until we come out in one of the main shopping areas.  Chuzzlewits is a fabulous bakery and coffee shop.   A short walk brings us out into the market square

with some lovely stalls dotted in and amongst the boring ones.  Our favourites are the wonderful Matt's Deli bakery (fabulous bread, rolls, etc) and Redhill Farm for their free range pork and Lincolnshire sausages, Belleau Trout Farm with their smoked trout, fishcakes, pate, etc. 

Shopping done,  we head back up the hill and take the scenic route home...
This lovely gateway is the entrance to an old Rectory.

Once we had turned off the road out of Louth we didn't pass a single car this morning - one of the many reasons why we love Lincolnshire!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the old familiar roads Jonny - now let me see some more photos of Shanghai - please!!

Lots of love,



  1. Yes, yes, this green and pleasant land flim-flam is all very well - but how much did you get for the old cow at the Pawnbrokers?

  2. Well, they offered ten pounds, or a handful of magic beans. We opted for the beans..

  3. The market looks great and the shop front of Chuzzlewits is brilliant!

  4. What a beautiful area you live in. The small alley was so quaint. I hope to visit England one day.

  5. @Nilhuanwen - That old shop front is so bowed and buckled, with panes of glass sitting at pretty extreme angles (esp. lower left corner) that I imagine it must be heavily protected and listed! A real treasure.

    @From Beyond My Kitchen Window - Thank you! It is peaceful and very easy on the eye, especially over on The Wolds - which I hope to show you some more of in the coming months. I hope you manage to visit England!


  6. Looks like the market at Newark which I often go to.

    John's eyesight's playin' up again...

  7. John - the flavour was disappointing!

    Chris - I've only ever been to the railway station in Newark. I must explore further next time!

  8. aw the closing line of this post is so sweet (:

  9. If I were Johnny, I'd be so homesick for this place. Beautiful and I love the crooked windows.

  10. @Shu Han - It's that mother-thing again, we just can't help it!

    @Janet - I am so pleased you like it! I really love houses with a lot of 'character' (less than perfect fronts) - can you tell?


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