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Friday, 28 October 2011


Crook-ed house ...

isn't it just wonderful with all of those wibbly-wobbly windows!  

Not sure just how old this house in Alford is, but you can see that it has undergone many alterations over time.

It is quite something, both inside and out, the interior is often used for magazine photo-shoots.  

The current owner is a television actor; we saw him on his hands and knees pointing the bricks on the side of the house - the band across the bottom which looks much lighter than the others.

We often see bus-loads of people taking photographs of the building, so it must be a point of interest on some tours!

It always makes me think of the old nursery rhyme:

There was a crook-ed man and he walked a crook-ed mile
He found a crook-ed sixpence upon a crook-ed style
He bought a crook-ed cat, which caught a crook-ed mouse
And they all lived together in a little crook-ed house

although I believe that the crooked house in the rhyme refers to the English and Scots having come to an agreement about the border between England and Scotland (crooked style) during the reign of Charles I!!


  1. Interesting. Is it because of the house shifting or builders? (I'd lay my bet on shifting ground. Looks like there are some bricked in windows, too. Could it have been built before 1696 (window tax)?

  2. Isn't it a great building! is a link which would show you photos of the surprising interior of the house, if you are interested. As to when it was built - I will have to find up my books about Alford, to see whether I can find out. Elaine

  3. I remember it being on Homes in the Country on TV a few years back and it is AMAZING inside. Lovely xx


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