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Saturday, 8 October 2011


The dogs thought it was their lucky day - two huge sacks of dog food at the side of a quiet country road.  We popped the bags into the boot of the car and brought them home.

As soon as Pip and Toby got another whiff they got really excited - horse poo - their favourite!

Finally we have managed to get some horse manure for the garden - normally when we pass anywhere offering it for free, there is none left.  Our luck was in today.  It is safely tucked away out of the dogs reach, waiting for time to work its magic and turn this muck into black gold for the garden.

As for the dogs - well they'll just have to make do with their usual.

The Aged Aunt is fine - but refuses to wash or change just in case she knocks her head...  We'll try again tomorrow.  

Your Pa has just finished working on the wall, the rain has closed in for the day and the light is going anyway.  The wall headers are almost down to the herb garden now.  He is making a great job of it but doesn't want me to do any photos until it is complete.

It was great having a chat with you today - you are looking very well indeed. Must be down to all those chicken feet and grisly things you are eating! Talking of which, it is time I fed the dogs and cats.  Then I shall have to think of what to cook for this evening.  

Lots of love,


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  1. No, the dogs were just bemused - now they think that you collect horse-poop as well as dog-poop and cat-poop. Humans!


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