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Monday, 2 January 2012

Toby is attacked ... again

Pain from an intermittently trapped nerve is causing George problems at the moment.
Sometimes he is fine but at other times he has to use a walking stick and hobbles around like a very old man.   So I told him to stay inside while I did his morning chores.  It was such a beautiful day that I was more than happy to get out there in the fresh air and sunshine.
The cats joined Toby and I as we went across to give the hens some more food.  Sparky is always fascinated by the hens and pays close attention.
I left the hens to feed, and took Toby for a couple of circuits around the wood -  naturally the cats had to join in, doing their usual trick of racing up and down the trees, they must burn up so much energy.
We were soon joined by the hens and I had high hopes that perhaps today would be the day when I finally get that magic shot with 3 hens, 2 cats and 1 dog all in the same frame...
I tried going ahead of them and then quickly turning around
alas, the cats were just out of shot, so I carried on...
suddenly there was a great commotion, Billie the beak (the hen with the crossed beak) had decided that she would attack Toby (again) the cats took fright and the other hens headed off leaving the attack hen to it... 
Alas, I have failed, yet again.  
One day I will get that magic shot.  The hens, the cats and Toby make such a wonderful entourage, I would dearly love to share it with you.

Maybe next time.  

I count today a success though, I found this beautiful tree eye, it is one of the kindest, gentlest-looking ones I have seen.

As I type this George is restored to fitness again, although I think he may have to see a chiropractor if the problem returns.


  1. Billie the Beak, the gangster hen, can be a bit of a stinker. Poor Toby. But I love the shots you DID get. And you're so right about that kind and gentle tree eye. Beautiful.

  2. The wise tree eye says be patient. After all, you just found him and he's been around a bit.

  3. Perhaps Billie the Beak would see off the weasel we had in the house?
    Jane x

  4. Taking good pictures of pets is even harder than getting a good shot of antsy little kids. Keep trying! I would love to see your little entourage all together.

  5. Enjoyed the photos. And getting that perfect shot can be quite elusive. I think you need a second person -- someone to take the picture -- you and all the critters following (as long as Billie the Beak behaves herself).

  6. Never a dull moment over there! And I love the tree eye.

  7. Yikes, poor ol' George - how is he going to be able to run if Billie attacks? There's no doubt that hen would see a walking stick as a weakness to be exploited...

  8. Hi Mitch, Billie is...feisty! She does make me smile though (when she's not attacking Toby) she believes in attack first, ask questions later. I'm pleased that you liked the tree eye, it was a new find.

  9. Hi Joanne, Those are wise words indeed! No chance of a photo today as the weather is very wild, wet, and windy... not fit for hen nor dog.

  10. Hi John, Now that's a thought - perhaps she could do a couple of shifts as a bouncer!

  11. Hi Jane and Chris, I think that she would probably give it a go. She is an ex-battery hen and her beak is twisted, although she still manages to feed pretty well. Her attacks are more based on stabbing her target with her lower beak - it hurts!

  12. Hi Ms Sparrow, Point a camera at them and they do seems to splinter off in different directions, where before they'd been a group! I'll keep on trying.

  13. Hi Janet, That's a very good suggestion - perhaps I'll try to get them to follow George, (I hate having my photo taken) but if that doesn't work I shall have to grit my teeth and let him try! No chance of trying it out today as it is blowing a gale and pouring with rain.

  14. Hi Knatolee, A few critters around a place do make for an interesting life! How are all the ducks getting on in the snow? Have you checked your trees for eyes yet?

  15. Hi Owl, That paints a great picture! Only trouble is that when George needs the stick he can scarcely hobble to the bathroom, never mind the wood!


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