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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Is it a Brush? Is it a Hedgehog?

It was one of those wonderfully sparkling, cold, frosty mornings and I just couldn't wait to get outside with Jonathan's camera and the macro lens.  

Later, while viewing the photos it took me a moment to work out what this 'hedgehog' was - then I remembered, it was a tiny clump of moss on the side of the bird bath!

This is up close and personal to the frost on the arm of a wooden bench.
Some berries which were on one of  the Christmas wreaths

A miniature clump of grass in a vegetable bed!
A tiny mushroom next to a vegetable bed!
The surface of a stone!
Some flowers which still managed to look cheerful, despite the frost.  

Thank you Jonny!  I am still having great fun with your camera.


  1. Gorgeous! The little yellow flowers look as though they are sugared to adorn a cake!
    Jane x

  2. I hope you frame some of these photos. Maybe there is a local contest you could enter with them. Elaine, a new career could be in the making!

    ps...thanks for the birthday wishes to my Mom...

  3. Wasn't it glorious yesterday!! And actually pleasing to have it so cold... At last! Beautiful pictures. The red berries are stunning! Xx

  4. Jane, You're right, they look like little sugared flowers! The magic of frost - and Jonny's camera. I don't imagine he realised how much fun I was going to have with it!

    Meggie, I am so impressed by your cowgirl Mom. By the way, I forgot to say, I loved that photograph of her! She sounds like a woman who has one of those wonderful, strong characters, and lots of determination; no doubt you take after her.

    Dom, It was wonderfully invigorating. At last the winter feels like winter - and it is even frostier today! Now that they have had their morning walk both cats and Toby are sprawled in front of the Rayburn.

  5. Wow you're getting good at this.

    Have you been over to see Jim at Elaine? He's also into shooting the minutiae of life.

  6. Great photos! It was like that here this morning as well but the sun has appeared now and melted it away.
    Love the photo of the mushroom

  7. Your frost pictures are wonderful. Especially like the 'hedgehog'.

  8. Hi Chris, I've just had a quick look at his blog - it looks interesting, so I will take some time to have a good look later.

    Hi Nilhuanwen, I thought of your photos when I saw the mushroom! It was tiny, but so beautiful.

    Hi Jenny, It was really fun to do, it made me look at things quite differently, trying to find interesting little details.

  9. What beautiful, frosty photos! The only flowers around here are the ones blooming on my indoor houseplants. :) Love the berries.


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