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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Tooth rot and the Elephant

I opened one eye, peered down, and found that I had lost the five pounds which I had gained over the holiday season - and I didn't even have to slightly move to one side (a cheat, but it gives an instant weight loss) to achieve it! 

Modern thinking is that if we lose weight quickly we are more likely to regain it.   So surely five pounds in a couple of days must be too much, too quickly?

Perfect excuse to make something I haven't had for probably more than forty-five years.  A lovely suet pudding, with golden syrup!
I blame it on Dom at Belleau Kitchen he set the ball rolling before Christmas when he posted his brilliant Layered Mushroom and Caramelised Onion Suet Pudding.  It was totally delicious, simple, yet spectacular.   So it is his fault.

I set to and made this golden syrup (vegetarian) suet pudding... may look vile, but it smelt fabulous, instantly transporting us both back to our childhood days and stick to the rib puddings.  However, this version was light as a feather and totally yummy.

I had a very small slice and some custard.  Heavenly.
Okay, so I now have to go and jog for an extra half an hour - but oh my goodness was it worth it.  I don't even object to having to clean my teeth straight away, lest tooth rot set in.  

George had two big helpings, with lashings of custard.  I think he liked it.

Thank you Dominic  -  you may make a cook out of me yet.

*     *     *

Notes from home for Jonny, and thanks for the message

Swimming with elephants eh?  Lucky you!  (The only elephant you are likely to find around here is your old Ma, especially after that suet pudding.)  Please tell me that someone took photographs of your swim - and that you'll send me one.

The bridge over the river Kwai, plus a visit to Cambodia - no, can't compete with that either!  Again, photographs please!

When will you be returning to Shanghai?  Enjoy the rest of your holiday and let me know if there is anything we can send you.

Still no baby news.  

Everyone keeps asking after you - we had lunch (I had soup and half a roll - in anticipation of the syrup pudding this evening) at the pub with Davina and Harry today; what a shame we hadn't heard all these exciting things before we went.  Never mind, it will be a great excuse to pop in again!

Your bed has become Bennie's bed, she spends a couple of hours on it every afternoon, doing what cats do best, snooooozing.  As you can see the Christmas decorations are on there too, waiting to be put back into the loft.

Thinking of you,
Lots of love,


  1. That's it! I am definitely going to make a vegan sussex pond pudding tomorrow!
    Jane x

  2. Hello Jane - A vegan sussex pond pudding sounds wonderful - I'd love the recipe if possible. My brother is a vegan and I always struggle to make nice puddings for him.

  3. don't blame me!... just share with me !

  4. Hello Dom, I would be very happy to share it with you, the trouble is that George has eaten most of it! x

  5. Suet pudding. Sussex pond pudding. Hazel only ever made Yorkshire pudding, pronounced as good as he ate in England in 1945 by my Uncle. Do I have to send her an email? It all sounds too wonderful.

  6. Hello Joanne, Sussex Pond Pudding is another suet one which encases a whole lemon and ends up with the most delicious sauce, by some magic process during the steaming.

    Yorkshire pudding can be eaten several ways. These days it is used as part of a traditional roast dinner, but it could be used with golden syrup as a pudding. In older days it was often served as a starter to fill people up, so that less meat was consumed. Those canny Yorkshire folk knew what they were doing!

  7. Elaine, replace suet with vegetable suet, the butter with vegan margarine..the flour, sugar and water are all fine.
    I'm quite good at veganising stuff if you have problems with anything you want to serve your brother.
    Jane xx

  8. Thanks Jane, I'll have a go at that next week. Many thanks.

  9. Well you've done it now! Guess what we'll be having for pudding today? :o)

  10. Thank you so much for joining my blog. Today is "big" project day on the farm, so, I have little time to read your older posts. But, I plan on spending some time this week end exploring your blog.

  11. Hello Doohie, Go for it! Ours was delicious, cheap, easy to make and a wonderful treat. Eat and enjoy!

  12. Hello Meggie, Good luck with the big project! I have enjoyed my little trawl around your blog and I hope you'll find something to interest you here.


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