pear tree log: I started this blog to keep my younger son, Jonny, in touch with life in Lincolnshire, while he spent a year working in China. That year turned into five! Now he is home and training to become a physics teacher. This is simply a patchwork quilt of some of the things I enjoy - life in rural Lincolnshire, our animals, friends, architecture, books, the gardens, and things of passing interest.

Monday, 16 January 2012


Davina, our daughter, is getting a little bored with being home on maternity
leave.  She normally teaches a large class of 5-6 year old children, and finds it very quiet at home.   Wouldn't you think she'd enjoy the peace, while she can? Davina wanted to walk, so I hitched up Toby and off we set for a gentle amble in the brilliant sunshine which often accompanies a cold, frosty, day.

We went past the watermill  -  plenty of ducks today.  

Then we turned right at the manor house and along past Troutbeck Farm.  I was hoping the alpacas, or the pigs,  would be around, but we had to settle for these,
and after that it was empty fields and lovely views.
Peaceful, beautiful, refreshing. 


  1. What a lovely sight-seeing tour of your neighborhood! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You live in such a beautiful place. I think I would be relishing the peace and quiet while I could! Our great-niece is due to be born next week.

  3. Has Davina tried castor oil and gin? Didn't mother use a damned good gallop over the hedgerows to bring us on?

  4. Hi Ms Sparrow, I'm so pleased you enjoyed that little walk. It was a lovely day for it.

    Hi Scarlet, Davina's baby is due next week too, although she only has a tiny bump. We don't know yet whether it is a boy or a girl. My older brother's step-daughter is due to have her little girl next week - busy time for the midwives!! Hope all goes well for your niece.

    Hi Owl, Luckily Davina doesn't ride. She prefers to keep going on long walks - I did have my mobile phone with us, and if we couldn't get a signal the plan was to tuck a note into Toby's collar so that he could summon help...

  5. Hi Sis - I assume that if all else failed and you needed an emergency response you would just fire your gun in the air three times.

  6. I would love to holiday in your neck of the woods. It is so beautiful there....

  7. The comments are as much fun as the walk. Why we have brothers! Looking forward to the baby (as if you're not!).

  8. Ian (Owl), Trouble is, would anyone notice?

    Meggie, Let's hope you make it over here some day. Lincolnshire is lovely, but being a Lincolnshire Yellow Belly (horrible name, something to do with historical military uniforms) I have to admit to being biased!!

    Joanne, Ian has a wicked sense of humour and I love his style of writing, he never fails to make me laugh out loud.

  9. It looks like it was the perfect day for a walk :)

    1. Nilhuanwen, It really was one of those wonderful days.


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