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Monday, 9 January 2012

MACRO Monday in the Owl Wood

Herewith 5/6 of my little entourage as I walked around the wood.

Bennie is off-camera, she dashed out at the last minute.  Maybe next time.

Before Jonny left for China he lent me one of his cameras, a really nice one which can do all kinds of fabulous things - but only if you know which buttons to press, levers to switch, and can see what you're doing!  He left it on an automatic setting so that I could just point and click, which was fine by me.

Today I had the sudden, mad,  desire to be a bit more adventurous.  I grabbed the camera bag and went out to the woods, to play.  I passed the 

patch of moss which featured in a post yesterday... I wondered what would happen if I changed the lens for a Macro one ... and tried a shot, and another, and another.  

I am thrilled with the result.  So much detail!  Magic.
This is a large piece of fungus which came off a tree during the windy weather last week.  
This is where it came from - fabulous colours!  It reminds me of one of my favourite beaches in the West of Ireland, where the rocks are that lovely turquoise colour.
This is an old tree stump with a bit of fungus growing on it.
The markings on some wood.

Finally I made my way home and took a couple of shots in the garden - I couldn't resist the colours.
Altogether I took 170 photographs.  I do get a bit obsessive.   The textures and the details thrill me.  

I feel as though I have been given a  pair of magic spectacles!

Thanks Jonny!


  1. I've been going back and forth with the idea of purchasing a better camera. When I clicked on each of your photos, I was "blown away". The detail is incrediable. Now to find the money for the camera upgrade...

  2. Hi Meggie, I am so grateful to Jonathan for lending it to me. It's not something I would have thought of buying for myself - mind you, I may have to when Jonny finally reclaims his camera!

  3. Seeing the world in a new light.
    Beautiful pics!
    Jane xx

  4. Beautiful pics ! I had a new camera for Christmas - now I`m itching to give it a go ! Love the fungus-the colours are amazing .

  5. THAT FIRST PHOTO looks like someting from Lord Of The Rings x

  6. Hi Jane, Thank you! It is such a revelation - a whole new miniature world for me to explore.x

    Hello Janet, I love that fungus too. From a little way off it looked dull and boring, then I turned it over... Get that camera out, don't leave it in the box (says the woman who could have been using the macro lens months ago!!).

    Hi John, It's a good job that the days are so short, because I would have spent all afternoon out in the wood instead of getting the jobs done.x

  7. Lovely photos. You may have another calling.

  8. I don't think 170 pics is obsessive -just enthusiastic. Your pictures are lovely. I look forward to more macro pics.

  9. Great shots Elaine.

    I reckon you'll need another hard-drive to store 'em all on soon enough.

  10. Beautiful shots! I particularly like the fungus shots.

  11. Hello Joanne, Many thanks. I am chuffed with the macro lens and the new world it has opened up to me.

    Hello Jenny, Thank you, I find that a very reassuring way to look at it. The macro lens is really amazing, I feel as though I can really see for the first time.

    Hello Chris, Welcome back to the World of Blog! Most of the photos get trashed, but thank goodness for digital cameras. Can you imagine paying for that lot to be developed - and then finding they are rubbish!!

    Hello Janet, I'm so glad you like the fungus. The Owl Wood seems to have quite a lot of them at the moment - probably always have, it's just that now I am looking for them!

  12. Hi LBM, Thank you. My technical assistant 'Sparky' will insist of trying to get her face between the camera and whatever I'm focussing on - quite disconcerting!


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