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Friday, 6 January 2012

Anderby Creek in January

George didn't want to do it.    
We made him take us.
Clean, cold air, empty beach, plenty of sunshine.  It was wonderful.
Sandcastles were built, seashells admired and exclaimed over.  Spirits refreshed and batteries recharged.
George had a wonderful time - so did Davina, Harry and I. 
We love beaches in the winter and so does George.
The difficult bit is getting him to stop work for an hour!


  1. I love the pictures of your little grandson poking a stick in the sand. It reminds me of many happy hours spent at the beach in Maine, US where we vacationed when the children were young. Sometimes it was pretty chilly even though it was early June. The beach, especially when the air is brisk, is always such a rejuvenating place.

  2. i love the creek on a day like today... totally alone... glorious!

  3. Hi Jenny, It was a lovely day, though very cold, but Harry didn't seem to mind that! He slept like a top later.

  4. Hi Dom, It was really lovely and we were really lucky to have the place to ourselves.

    Harry searched the sand dunes, he didn't find any bears, so you'll be quite safe if you go down there.

  5. It looks so cold, but so beautiful. I also love beaches in winter. Especially warm sunny beaches in tropical climates. But this will definitely do.

  6. Hi Mitch, It was very 'fresh' and exhilarating - but we were well wrapped up. It was .. invigorating!
    A private, warm sunny beach in a tropical climate would be very nice.

  7. OH what a lovely spot, I love the beach when it's empty of all the crowds, where is this?

  8. Is there any better place to be than on the beach? I just love it! Have a wonderful weekend!


  9. Hello Linda, It is on the east coast of England, if you were to draw a line from the city of Lincoln straight to the coast it would be just south of that line! It is a lovely, wild, empty space for much of the time. Perfect!

  10. Hello Mary, The beach is a wonderful place for refreshing one's spirits, especially a big empty beach! We used to live right on the coast, but we only visited the beaches in winter or on stormy days. We left them for everyone else to enjoy on the other days!

  11. The beech looks beautiful! I can't believe how blue the sky is; what a lovely morning :)

  12. Hello Nilhuanwen, It was one of those perfect (cold) winter days. It was delicious and invigorating.


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